Argos pulling out of York Stadium deal

Just read in the Toronto Star that the Argos are set to announce that they are staying put at the Rogers Centre and will not be moving to the proposed new stadium at York. One reason stated is that they will get the Rogers Centre rent-free, which is tough to pass on for sure. I am not sure if this will be a good move, or non-move, if you will, for the Argonauts or not. I guess time will tell but the article also mentions that Rogers Sportsnet is looking at possibly some form of ownership involvement in the Argos, which is very, very interesting for sure. And that the Grey Cup would be played in '07 at the Rogers Centre. This would be good as the Cup hasn't been in Toronto for a while. This is good, I think it is time that Toronto show it can put on a great Grey Cup again like it used to do decades ago, and show everyone that it is not just a dull town and can party with the best of them with an event like the Grey Cup, whether the Argos are in it or not. Going to a Blue Jay game just doesn't cut it for partying and it is unlikely the Jays will be in the World Series like they were in the early 90's when the city said "who cares about the Argos and the CFL".

I am rarely happy for the Arrrrrrrrgggggooos.........but on the face of the above information I think this could be good for the league and the boatmen. I appreciate that some CFLers, in particular some Arrrrrggggooos fans, don't like the a Tabby I actually do like the place.

I wonder if it is the Skydome that is the real problem for the hometown faithful or the fact that only a small percentage of the (Greater) Toronto population ever show up for home games.

In terms of the Jays......................unless they change the playoff format, I would reckon that baseball franchises that don't yet exist have a better chance than Toronto of making post season play in the next few years!!!

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This may actually be a good thing for the CFL. If the Under17 World soccer Championships depend on a new stadium, perhaps the CSA, the Federal gov't and perhaps a University and a provincial gov't and a local municipal gov't can get together and build one in Atlantic Canada. Comments?

Well if Argo fans come out and support Toronto with 40,000+ fans the skydome is a good thing, but if 20,000 show up in that toilet bowl on camera it looks empty and terrible. I guess we'll see how much Rogers markets the Argos and if that will make a difference. I still think a stadium should be built out in Halifax at least then a team would be guaranteed and the divisions would be even.

Rogers ownership would be an interesting move. Great for the Boatmen who would get the exposure they deserve. Blue Jays baseball...borrrring. Can't compare to CFL action. I hope the whole city gets behind their Grey Cup Champions. It's for the good of the whole league. ps. To the fans of Toronto....see you again in Grey Cup 2005. This time the party is at our house and you will receive an old fashioned west coast whoopin .

I doubt that FIFA would accept replacing Toronto with a small centre like Halifax. Maybe Montreal could get a new stadium out of it though. Build a new outdoor stadium in Montreal and put a temporary grass field down at SkyDome and the tournament would have both major centres involved.

Retrospect can be humorous sometimes.TFC still uas not made the playoffs atleast :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Well there was a pointless bump...

Almost 10 years later - nothing has changed in Toronto

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This thing is so old some of the posters in it have probably passed on.

Well I thought it was interesting that this is the biggest problem with the league today and it has been going on for a very very long time.. If it brings back memories of the dead then so be

Well of the six that posted, four are still active. And for the record, that was Earl’s fifth post…ever…

Very astute observation Evil! :thup: So much though for Rogers owning the Argos I guess though. :wink: :?

With all of this talk about Lamport… Ole sherwood liked that idea back in 2002… What about this dead idea from 2005.

Since we're talking about ridiculous Toronto stadium options, I'd like to throw this option into the mix...

Its got a roof and everything....

Or perhaps the stadium where the Toronto Lynx used to/still do play in.