Argos Pull Controversial advertisement

The Toronto Argonauts have pulled an advertisement from city subway cars and stations after receiving complaints that it promotes domestic violence.

The ad – which was meant to drum up support for the CFL team — showed defensive end Ricky Foley with the caption, “Home is where the heart is. It’s also where we hurt people.?

Ahh the "Politically Correct Police" are at it again. It's sad how some people can read things into a harmless ad.

Of course anyone with a little bit of intelligence knows that it was meant as "home" ie the home team and their home park.

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As I was mentioning on the main board, Houston fans were proud to call the Astrodome the "House of Pain" as well as other clubs. See - a joke that the Argos felt compelled to pull this ad, IMHO. And a band calls itself House of Pain. I wonder if there are citizens calling for the banning of this band's name?

What a joke. In Carisbrook's case, I've even read that people AFFECTIONATELY refer to the stadium as the HoP. :lol: :o

Send Councilllor Mike Layton a nice message on his irresponsible comments about the Argos Advertisement !! [url=] ... gn-flagged[/url]


“In the context of domestic violence, the ad insinuates that domestic violence in the home is acceptable or normal,? Layton wrote. “The ad may also trigger traumatic responses in the many survivors of domestic violence who are courageously moving forward with their lives.?

On a sidenote, a rare kudos goes out to the executives of the TTC:

TTC chair Karen Stintz, who sits on the review panel, said she doesn’t think the ads need to change.

“It’s a sports team and it’s a sports ad,? she said. “I don’t see it in the context (Layton) does.?

TTC commissioner Councillor Norm Kelly called Layton’s letter an “unnecessary? attempt to shame the Argos.

“The Argos are doing whatever they can to drum up interest,? Kelly said, adding he’s fine with the ad. “This is just saying, (the Argos) play a mean brand of football.?

8) What else would you expect from the son of Jack Layton !!
  Fewer than 10 people actually complained about this ad, and in the end, they got heard and got their wishes.   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

  Political correctness at it's finest !!!    <!-- s:thdn: -->:thdn:<!-- s:thdn: -->  <!-- s:twisted: -->:twisted:<!-- s:twisted: -->
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Bob Mccown interviews Mike Layton above. Have a listen.

Jack Layton's son? I didn't know that. Explains

I'm pretty sure I've made it clear that I am NO blue team supporter, but let me just say that this is completely ridiculous crap. This makes me very angry. I believe that the blue team has CLEARLY demonstrated their commitment to the community and has taken part in many anti-violence activities. Maybe these complainers and politically correct jerks should give it a rest and focus on fixing the stupid "justice" system in this country to protect victims of violence and crime in general instead of taking every opportunity to protect the criminal.

I am NOT a fan of Ricky Foley.
His Display at the ESF game last year was infuriating.
Taunting Kevin Glenn by rubbing his eyes in a cry baby routine twice and then did it again later at somebody else, he was running around out of control and did a couple of cheap shots also.
He should have been penalized for taunting probably 3 times but the refs let him get away with it!
IMHO Foley is a pant load.
To pick that guy to represent the Argo-smurfs is a mistake.
Lets face it he is no Pinball.

That has nothing to do with the ad or even this topic...
Im sure they used him because hes from Toronto and one of the teams stars.

Yep I totally agree, Mak. I don’t like the guy either. That has nothing to do with the issue here.

I heard through the grapevine that the Argos were trying to capitalize on the success of the UFC when it came to Toronto back in April. They were trying to create an advertisement that would get the attention of the fans that either went to that event or watch MMA in general. In hopes that their love of big hits in MMA would translate into the love of big hits in football. I can definately see where they were trying to go with it......but they probably could have worded it a bit differently. I had no problem with the ad....I think we've become an overly sensitive culture.

While I have no problem with the ad. You have to realize that non sports fans/football fans could very easily take this ad as meaning home = Toronto. It's a very poorly written, and rather amateurish ad.

After seeing the ad, anyone who looked at it and didn't know EXACTLY what it was about would have to be a complete dolt. It has blue team all over it. He's wearing his blue team outfit and the blasted A is front and center right in the middle of the ad. Give me a break.

In their wildest dreams the Argo's couldnt have created the attention this did, not for any amount of money. For a few thousand dollars they have managed to attract national attention. Planed or not more people (millions more) know that the home opener is coming.

Those offended likely were not going to attend anyway. But the controversial wording managed to spread the ad to millions for free though the media.

Not bad !!!

I agree 100%, scares me more that people draw insane conclusions like this, way to much time on their hands I guess.

The ad was clear as day !!

To be fair, Layton didn't send his email to the media. Another councillor did that. However, he should have used some common sense and not done anything because the ad was pretty inoffensive. Ten complaints does not a tidal wave of opinion make. Eight were probably Cats fans. :smiley:

An Argo-Cat fan

On behalf of the entire CFL I'd like to thank the silver spoon socialist, Mike Layton, for his limp wristed, politically correct perpetual victim card. It provided

Next he should petition the following leagues to ban the associated phrases:

MLB: Hit
NHL: Sudden Death
NBA: Slam Dunk
MLS: Free Kick
PGA: Drive

This Layton clown apparently has a history of using publicity stunts regarding "political correctness". Any truth to a rumour that this trough feeding politician has his gunsights set to making sure that sports fans are politically correct, such as preventing the TSN commentators from making the following comments: more "man to man" defence lest it offend a certain community
2. no more "one on one" comments lest it offend those leading alternative life styles
2. no more counting sacks by a player lest it promote wanton sexual behaviour
3. No more "long BOMBS" or "BULLETT passes" or "SHOTGUN" formations: lest it promote violence with guns and weapons
4. No more having "tight ends" on offence, far too sexual
5. No more blitzing lest it cause one to recall the horrors of the war
6. No more commenting on stripped balls for obvious reasons.
7. No more saying "rushes" lest it promote drug usage

Hmmm. One can only wonder how hockey and baseball would be affected.

Mike Layton, like his father, is nothing more than a spineless parasite. The fact that the Argos even listened to this dillhole bothers me. Only a complete idiot would jump to the conclusions that Mike Layton jumped to. Anyone who sees anything to do with domestic violence in this ad has something seriously wrong with them. I sent Mike Layton an e-mail and, not so surprisingly, he did not respond. Guess he only takes complaints from the sycophants that agree with his moronic stances. But knowing who his father is, this doesn't really come as a surprise.

Anyone who sees anything to do with domestic violence in this ad has something seriously wrong with them

That certainly was one of my first impressions blogskee as well.