Argos promote Reed to defensive co-ordinator

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Good move or bad move what do you say?

Definitely a great move. Kavis is a great teacher and motivator.

Every word of what Rich Stubler
and Kavis said in the article is true.

He played for Stubler in Edmonton.

As D.C. in Hamilton Kavis patterned his Defence
on what he learned from Stubler in Edmonton.

He provides continuity.

He assisted Rich with the Argos Defence last year.

He know the players. Should I go on?

A good move in Toronto because he has Stubler still available. But he did seem a little out of his league the year he was the DC in Hamilton. But now he's an experienced CFL coach. lol

Reed didnt have much to work with in Hamilton really. They still dont have any DBs that can shut down an opposing receiving corps, and the good talent they do have are at the linebacker and Dline spots. A good move by the Argos.