Argos Promos

Saw a nice promotion at the Home Show (Direct Energy Centre) over the weekend.
2 decent tickets + free t-shirt for $20

Only had 1 guy there and a bunch of cheerleaders (too bad I would have liked idea to get some autographs as well)

how about that Coldplay thing, when did the Argos get that kind of pull in TO?

Very impressive with the Colplay event indeed!! :thup:

It's gettin' better believe it or not.

Not quite in Raptors or Leafs territory.

But they're almost on even level with the Blue Jays I'd say.

I think more and more people are realizing the long history of football in Canada, or Canadian football however you want to put it, and the long and storied history of the Argonauts. Combined with how prestigious it is to have bragging rights to win the national football championship of Canada and have that Grey Cup in your grasp at least for a year. Despite that there are a lot of football fans that might only really follow the NFL in the Toronto area, people realize that there are a lot of people in Canada who want to win this Grey Cup and be the champs.

And also that there is more to prestige in this case then having what are considered the best or most high profile football players in the world, there is much more to Canadian football, CFL, Grey Cup than this that IS important. And also the much lower pay the CFL guys get and put out often times more than the big millionaire athletes in the other leagues to win this Cup.

Argos had a lot of cold plays last year. :slight_smile: These Coldplay guys don't mean anything to me, but I like the Saturday game time.

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