Argos: Proactive moves to stay on top

We all love to play GM. Here is my attempt to play GM of the Argos. Fell free to bash, agree, or play GM yourself with this thread.
The Argos got Ray and put together a team to win the Grey Cup this season. Now that the season is over what will they do to keep them a dominant team during the Ricky Ray Window.

DBs: Watkins, Mccoulough, and Horne all came to the Argos in different ways but have solidified themselves. Ahmaad Carroll was one of those one and done pieces that will need to be replaced and have groomed young jahlil Carter to take is spot. Younger was needed to hold it all together but it is time for Matt Black to take over and backe up by Boulay making the safety spot strong experienced and a ratio position.

LBs: Ball and Issac are solid to return to the starting lineup. MLB Robert McCune had a great season but he is 34 years old. I like free agent James Yurichuk the NI out of BC. He is primed to be a starter but got caught behind to great MLBs in BC. A proactive move with Yurichuk in his prime and vet Pottinger to Back him up.

DLine: Will take a little thought i do not see Foley being resigned and The Argos will not get in Armsteads way and allow him to go to the NFL. The Dline will be a focus for Jones and the defense.


Offensive Line: after the Argos line took a lot of flack all season long they banded together when it counted. Bookend Tackles Import Tony washington LT and van zyle RT are solid. Eppele will get first shot at RG and reinders RG are guys they are invested in. Keeping at Center will need to be upgraded.

Rec: Rambo will not be coming back. Inman, Barnes, Mann, and Owens stay on as Import receivers. most likley Watt will be let go in free ageancy. Bradwell is solid and felio - guadino will get his shot to go along with Durie as NI receivers.

RB : Kackert will be a guy they want back and in the small CFL even being the Grey Cup MVP his options are limited which will work in the argos favor.

FB/TE Going off the board a bit with Crandell coming in as OC he saw how effective a TE who can not only block but catch is very dangerous. Daryl Stephanson will fit that Lavoi role perfectly.

Back up QB: Also going off the board. Jackson dropped the ball and when ray was out Jackson did not perform and nearly cost them a playoff spot. Trevor Harris and Zach Callaros may be the future but they will need a veteran to back up a vetaeran. A QB that knows that west coast offense. JT O' Sullivan will be a great fit although many will laugh at me he knows that offense he is well traveled and experienced in many leagues and has the same prcision passing that Ray has.

Returner: Owens got his records for all purpose yards but he has now also become one of the top receivers in the CFL so it is time to pass the return torch at the very least he will be giving up kick Off returns. Toronto Quincy Hurst was drafted by the Argos released officially for awhile and then finshed the year on the practice roster. He is a return specialist and a size clone to Owens. As speedster like owens and a NI the Argos will give him a shot at grooming into a return specialist staring with KO returns along with also being a possible gunner on the punt team. speed speed speed and Hurst has it.

Bash Me, agree with me form your own opinions. I am board with not a lot going on seemed like a good topic


Yes, it's Brady not Crandell.

Otherwise, the only thing that jumps out at me is Maurice Mann. . . I'll be somewhat surprised if they bring him back (and if they do, I suspect he'll have a tough time making the roster).

Brady my bad. Unless it is a capp situation he, inman, and barnes were on the 46 man roster for the cup but if it came down to a choice between Inman and Mann 100% Inman

I was not a big fan in the past, but he played very well down the stretch both as a clutch mid-range receiver and as a superb downfield blocker.

I think that is one thing that gets overlooked a lot when looking at receivers especially in this system with a dump off or screen pass used in place of a running play Kackert breaks a tackle and the receivers holding their blocks downfield are what springs him for big plays. Something that you may not have seen in Mann in the past but he has seemed to buy into that Montreal/west coast offense in which these are what are part of the offensive scheme.

Mo mann was injured most of the year, and was rusty most of the time he was healthy. I'd like to see him after a whole healthy training camp and pre-season before saying to just cut him, as he did show glimpses of his ability.

I'd give rambo the training camp and pre-season before deciding on him as well. If he's the 100% healthy rambo, im sure he can win the job. If not, cut him.

I Hate when veteran players get cut before having a chance to win a job. Kinda like when the cats cut colbourne, only to sign him back and then show he was the best RB they had. He wasn't given the chance to show he was the best in camp, yet he was the best.

sometimes a lot of that has to do with the low salary cap that was needed to be put into place. Now that the CFL has gained some footing and is moving in the right direction for the first time in a long time the cap will eventually get to a happy median where these veterans who have become popular with the fans wont be tossed aside so quickly simply because teams can only afford so many players at those salaries and im not talking about millions we are talking about sometimes 25K

Mann's garbage. The Argos will be better if they don't re-sign him.

That's harsh. Mann's had his ups and downs, and if there's one thing he isn't, it's consistent, but he's a decent receiver. He peaked at the right time and came up big towards the end. There's a number of receivers that are actually garbage that somehow manage to stick around the league. I don't think Mann is one of them, personally. He's most certainly not an elite receiver, don't get me wrong, but he's solid enough.

A little bitter from his time in Hamilton? :wink:

Oh, for sure. The guy sucked here. Couldn't stay healthy, plus the team traded one of their best DBs (Chris Thompson) to get him. Terrible trade and even worse given how poorly Mann useless he was here. I have never seen anything out of him that suggests he's even close to a worthy starting receiver. He'll have flashes, maybe a game or two a year, but he's not very good. Add in the baggage that comes with him -- namely, his gigantic mouth and ego -- and I don't think the negatives outweigh the positives. Inman, Durie, even Owens, are better than he is. The Argos don't need Mann, especially because he probably still thinks he can be the league's top receiver and will want to be paid too much money. Best for them to pass and have another team learn what they, Hamilton and Edmonton already have: Mann's more hype than production.

odd that this was not created in the Argo forum.

May be discussed over here, not sure:

Ahem, even Owens? You mean even the CFL's leading receiver in 2012 is better than Mann? That's really saying something, eh?

Ok, had to laugh at that pw, good one. :thup:

Mann was a good receiver in his time in Edmonton with Ray, but the last few years he's had injury issues and not produced as in the past. That connection they were hoping to rekindle with Ray in Toronto was derailed by injury and instead Ray found a rhythm with some of the other guys, especially Inman breaking out. And they still have Ken Yon Rambo on the roster. I would expect one of the two, and maybe even both not to be back except maybe as an injury replacement at some point in the season. If I was GM I would look across the board and see I have enough starters coming in that I don't have an immediate need or spot for him in TC and instead use that opportunity to look at a couple of younger guys. Especially when you consider that a guy like Inman is still young enough that he may look to get another NFL shot if he has another good year they'll need a younger guy developing in the wings.

Yes, "even" Owens. I'm not a fan of his at all. I don't think he's as good as people want to believe, plus he comes off as a complete phony. I just don't like the guy. He was mediocre his first two years in Toronto, but was hyped incessantly, and only had a good season this year because he had Ray. Owens gets more credit than he deserves for what he has actually accomplished.

Owens put up great numbers and had a great year overall, but by my recollection, he would've been up there in drops. He also had 10 of Toronto's 25 team fumbles, leading the team and losing 8 of them. Only other player who fumbled more was Henry Burris with 11. Those are easily forgotten when you look at the end result, but its still an issue with him, maybe an area he can yet improve on.

If I can remember right a lot of those came on returns. You can during a series of games the second half of the season they had others returning Kick offs. Being a starting SB and returning both punts and kicks may have began to take its toll wearing him down. The Argos most likely begin to using others to return Kick offs and maybe eventually punts as he has come more valuable as their leading receiver. They drafted a Kick Return specialist in Quincy Hurst out of Manitoba spending the season on the practice roster. He is small and fast like Owens both 5'8". Hurst is a little lighter in weight. He is most likely spending this year putting on some muscle. Most of the CFL's top returners are designated imports he could be a high commodity as an NI if he can take his return game to the next level.