Argos prime to take over toronto?

Just like Bowmans who is sponsoring the CFL. Agree, but we need more teams to do that, back to the 12 minimum rule.

bowmans sponsorship deal is done with the CFL..i read it during superbowl week, when nfl commish said he has no interest in expanding to canada...i think tom wright even said this on bob mcgowans show, when asking if betting on the cfl is a problem.

i dont think it really matters how many teams the cfl has, in order to be sponsored by proline...proline allows bets on cfl game right now, and theres only 9 teams....the football-betting sportsfans would see the commercials, then follow the cfl for betting reasons, thus increasing tv ratings.

if a deal with pro-line grabs the attention of nfl betting fans, that could increase cfl ratings by 75K or more.

How big do you think Proline is?

pro-line is coast-to-coast in canada....alot of canadians, who watch nfl games do so ONLY for betting.....if the CFL can use betting/ pro-line to lure some of those betters....thats a nice gain in tv ratings...turn a 475K rating into a 550K would better position the CFL come tv contract negotiations.

Proline has already had a sponsorship deal, if not with the league, at least with the Argos. They used to sponsor one of those in-game promotions that take place during tv timeouts.

Their promotion has taken a number of forms

  • catch a ball launched 40+yds from a throwing machine
  • catch a ball launched from a slingshot lookin' thing. That was abandoned when it was determined that the guys working the slingshot couldn't consistently get a distance using the thing.
  • Proline Throw for Dough. $100 for every 10 yards you could throw a football. They scrapped that one too because the coordinators couldn't get the proline branded yard markers down and back up in time.

so, if pro-line has a deal with the argos, it should be easier to get them to sponsor the whole league.

Hello everyone. My first post.

Since I'm a transplanted Ontarian living in Calgary for the past six years, I can't really get a "feel" for the people of Toronto. But I think the biggest improvements for getting people out have been the consistency (Damon Allen, Adrion Smith, Mike O'Shea) and the new logo's that the Argonaut front office have come up with.

The "A" and Shield is excellent. It is very NFL like, which is just what Toronto needed. It actually looks "cool". The 70's football ship with the "Pull Together" message on it is also very good.

In this era of terrorist attacks, Canadian soldiers being killed in Afghanistan and natural disasters taking place around the world, the "Pull Together" message cannot only be used football wise, but as just as an excellent message to rally the people.


NFL like or not, the biggest change in the Argos over the past couple years has been the professionalism of the organization, and their desire to create a well-rounded experience for their fans.

Continuity is one good step, as are the improvements made to the in-stadium experience. There's a lot of little things too, such as great customer service from the ticket office and the very slick season ticket packages that they provide to their subscribers.

Treating customers like they are valued is a universal way to grow and improve your business. The current Argos ownership has figured that out and the benefits are becoming very obvious.

With the Leafs missing the playoffs, timefor the Argos to shine and grab some support.

Must be big City mentality....We have seasonal fans in Vancouver too! If Vancouver misses the playoffs that will help the Lions a little bit too. (Especially if they gut the team and start re-building like they have talked about..the Canucks that is)

LOL!!!! No fucking way buddy. If the Jays are winning the argos wont even be on the map.

the jays won't make the playoffs thanks to baseballs system, and that won't be enough

the MLB playoff system sux.

and Argosd will definaly dominate TO! such it’s so easy to make the playoffs in the CFL, and hey, that’s why I love it so much!

What is wrong with MLB playoffs? I think its the best system

It's TOO dependant on divisions, The division winners getting guarented 1-3 bugs me enough in the NHL, but in the MLB if you're ion a division with a dominant team your odds of making the playoff are decimated

but the jays won't be winning and they havent been winning for 13 years....a whole new generation of kids dont even care about baseball or know the jays won the world series 2ice....raptors have stolen that young market cuz of rap music...but with the raptors sucking for a few years now, they too are becoming forgotten.

Argos fever.
The first place finisher in each division makes the playoffs along with the second place team with the best record. You say it bugs you in the NHL but dont you think that finishing first should be guarenteed? I thinks it the best way. The best teams makes it and thats it. No crossover, no 16th place teams making it like in the NHL and then playing a best of 7 yet.

In baseball every game counts!

not too many teams make the playoffs, in my opion, at least half or more shoulod make it. like 8 and 8 in the NHL and the best 6 in the CFL.

Are you saying NO, to many teams or Not too many teams? Right now 6 out of 30 make it.
Half or more is ridiculous. 15 teams in baseball making the playoff is too many. It makes the regular season useless and meaningless

no, every game counts for the winning teams, but the vast majority of games are irelevant due to the huge number of teams out of the picture

Not too many teams.

no it doesn't, the regular season determines the placement.

but I guess that baseball is just different.