Argos prime to take over toronto?

with the Maple leafs prime to miss the playoffs, and the raptors goin nowhere fast, it's up to the bluejays and the argos to pick up toronto sports fans spirits.....

but the jays wont make the playoffs either, since they are in the same division as the yankees and red that leaves the argos to win the hearts of toronto sports fans...

so does anyone else see that the scenario is shaping up well for the argos / CFL to gain alot more fans in the southern ontario region?

im guessin the argos season opener is gonna be around 35K....
season average could be 37K, which is a 7K jump from the '05 season....especially with the new improved '06 scedule being mostly saturday afternoon games.

looks like it will be another record year for the argos and the CFL.

Yes I agree this could be another year where our Argos can take advantage of the poor/brutal other teams in the city. I agree the first game should draw 35,000+ and would it not be nice because of the games being on weekends, if we averaged 40,000+. Awesome.

i think the argos attendance was higher last year, in part, due to the leafs and raps being outta the picture ...this year it will happen again.

this is gonna be the second year in a row, in which, the leafs are not in the picture ( last year lock-out, this year missing playoffs ).

second year in a row the raptors are not in the picture, and probably 13th year the jays are not in the picture.

the stars are lining up perfectly....muHAHAHAHA

Speaking of the stars lining up, yesterday was one of those perfect days. The Leafs , Craptors , Crap Jays and Rock all lost.
Our Argos are the best and truly becoming a known entity to the fence sitting public. Who knows DG, maybe our crowd average estimates are low?

i hope so....38K-40K average would be amazing heading into a grey cup hosting year.

Usually a Grey Cup in the city spikes attendance for season tickets the year of.

if the argos can average 38K-40K this year, then you'd think they'd have a sell-out of 44K every game in '07.

Wow, who would have thunk such a discussion would be possible a few years back. But, the stars have be aligned and again the weekend only games are a must.

exactly…a few short years gone by and the toronto sporting landscape is completely changed.

used to be : leafs, raptors, bills, jays, argos…
its becoming: leafs, argos, jays, raptors, bills.

in 2003, the argos season/ home opener only drew 15K
in 2 short years, they drew 30K to the season/home opener…double!

in 2004, thier home playoff game drew 37K…in 2005 thier home playoff game drew 44K…a difference of 7K

this is why i expect them to draw 35K for thier season/home opener in '06.

( same with hamilton…they drew 15K to thier home opener in 2003 and 29K in 2005.)

I would think at the minimum the Argos will draw 35,000. With the Stop the Violence program and the mileage they are getting over the radio and TV over this winter, it could be much more. I heard one radio guy yesterday say how th Argos are unbelievable in this commitment and it was too bad the rest of the sports teams were not doing their share. Slowly, I think the sporting fan is coming to our side and which is reflecting in the seat count. Plus, they are winning over the non sporting fan also.

i agree...minimum of 35K, not max...but that number will rise each game, and should be averaging 40K by mid-season....anything else is gravy...and is a good place to be, with time to build on that b4 the toronto grey cup....who woulda guessed the jump in numbers in toronto and hamilton from 03 to 05?

i also agree with u, that its a shame that ivor wynne only holds 29K...wish it was 35K or something.

maybe after halifax gets a new stadium, current CFL cities can look at building new stadiums...winnipeg is thinkin about it....halifax first, tho.

It sounds like Winnipeg will get the covered dome of 40,000. They are big on studies and taking forever, but like the new hockey rink it will get done. As much as we all want Halifax, it's too bad the Hammer lost out last year for the Commonwealth to India as a new stadium would have been built.As for the Argos, as it turns out wasn't that a great decision not to build the now too small outdoor stadium and stay in the Crapdome with it's refurbished look?

im glad hamilton didnt get that commonwealth game b4...if they did, theyd have a new stadium, and halifax wouldnt have a chance for the next CG games, leaving them without a stadium and the CFL stuck with 9 teams forever.....even without the CG games, hamilton has a group right now lookin at a possible new stadium...cuz ivor wynne needs 15 million in renovations over the next 10 years, so some politicians are smart enough to realize they might be better off getting a new stadium.

and i am glad the argos didnt build a new stadium....filling the skydome seems more 'big league' from the medias perspective, rather than filling a little-league soccer sized stadium with 20K....and they are paying less rent, which gives stability in ownership rather than fronting millions upon millions to build a new stadium.....

i say, stick it out at rogers for the rest of the 5 year deal, then see what happens...maybe they could get government funding to build a new football-specific stadium that holds 45K-55K, where all seats have great sightlines.

never know how popular the CFL/argos will be after thier curent lease expires in 2009.

The new stadium funded by the left wing Toronto politicians will not happen, at least not for the CFL. As for Rogers, there was also a rumour last year how David and Howard were going to eventually sell the team to the Rogers people. Who apperently in the lease deal have the first right to purchase. And would not that be a kick in the teeth, our buddy Paul Godfrey.
As for the Hammer, yes I also read recently mega bucks are required for the necessary renovations. A new stadium is needed and would revitalize the water front. How about getting Ron Joyce who used to own Tim Horton's to pitch in? He lives in the Hammer. Or mega bucks owner Bob Young? Oh, I forgot owners never spend their money.

lets just say that the argos were sold to rogers....what would that do to the cfl tv rights?....

cuz ctv owns them, but im sure rogers would want to air argo games on would rogers have to buy the rights to argo games off ctv?

which would give the CFL more exposure, cuz cbc is on free tv, sportsnet is on the next basic cable package, and tsn on the more xpensive cable fans who dont get tsn, would be able to watch more games....

i also posted an article about CFL games to be webcast this year...i wonder how that affects the tv deal?

in the meantime, i dont really trust rogers owning a CFL team aslong as godfrey works there....could sabotage the whole thing.

I suppose as long as Rogers owns the Crap Jays, there may not be any time available to show the Argos/CFL. This year for example, I read they are showing some 140 of the 162 games.
With the current TV contract belonging to TSN and which expires in 2 years, no team is allowed to show their games other then on TSN/CBC. Maybe in the master plan if and should they purchase the Argos(hopefully not), the aim is to bid for all the CFL rights.
As for Godfrey, we all agree that would be like putting the wolf in charge of the chicken coup.

if pinball becomes mayor of toronto, do u think that would be benificial to the argos and the cfl?....special treatment?

like, if argo owners went to mayor pinball and requested partial funding for a new stadium, do u think pinball would be more willing to accomodate them?...bigger grey cup parades, perhaps?

Think of the possibilities. I hope not for our sake. But, it sounds like Pinball may be gone after his contract runs out in 07. He has stated before he would like to do other things in life. If anyone can talk him out of it and resign it's David and Howard.
Suggest you pick up his latest book written by Perry Lefko, "Pinball, The Making of a Canadian Hero". It's a hit.

just a side thought...

proline takes bets on CFL like to see proline become a sponsor of the CFL, and have proline logos on the exchange the CFL gets money as well as proline commericals featuring cfl stars so casual sportsfans know u can bet on cfl games....could increase the CFL fan base by stealing away those nfl fans who only watch for gambling reasons.