Argos Preferred Playoff Opponent Is....?

Despite losing both games to Edmonton this year, I'd have to figure the Argos would prefer to play the Esks in the ESF.

The one team I don't want to see is Hamilton. You just never know when Smilin Hank is going to be the world's greatest QB for a day. Too many weapons on offence and I could see the TiCats hanging 40pts on this Toronto defence.

It would be a foolish decision for Milanovich to rest all his starters and give Hamilton a walkover win Thursday.

That and when Hamilton comes to the Rogers Centre, looking for a Grey Cup shot, typically the Argos may as well be the away team.

One other factor in why the Argos should want the Eskies over the Tabbies is that a lot of Tiger-Cat fans will make the trek to Toronto for the game. You don't want a home playoff game to have a feel of a home game for your opponent. If the Cats play the Argos on the 11th, that could very well happen.

And the Argos will rest, among others, Ricky Ray. We'll know if that turns out to be a mistake or not.

I agree. Toronto has had success against Hamilton this year (Would be 3-0 against them if weren't for Chris Williams putting the team on his back), and were 0-2 against Edmonton.

However I think the consensus around the league is that Hamilton could be dangerous if they get into the playoffs, because you never know when good Hank is going to show up and take over a game.

With that being said, I can't blame Milanovich for resting Ricky Ray and any players who are banged up.