Argos Pre-Season

Starting today us the fans finally get to see how our new players can perform against other teams competition.

I am kind of upset I chose to go today because apparently not only will I not get to see Owens or Boyd I won't get to see a lot of the star players on Hamilton, but oh well, it will be very interesting seeing the QB battle between Lemon and Bell, and hopefully Foley starts tallying up those sacks against Hamilton's likely gimped O-Line.

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Today against the Ti-Cats
Thursday the Bombers!

what did you think of the QB's?
receiver thoughts?

IMO Lemon looked a lot better than Bell. Bell kind of squandered a bunch of opportunities, in the end he did get more yards but i think Lemon realistically played better.
Brannagan didn't really have much of a chance. Played for like 2 series. He had a nice pass during one of his series but also had a bad pass the next. Hall looked fairly competent as well, he couldn't find his receiver as easy as the others, but he seemed to be able to run well.

On the receiving front...
Watt still looks great, I won't be surprised if he becomes our best NI receiver he has a lot of skill. The rookies didn't have much showcase today, but Copeland had a great catch on Bell's pass.

I posted this over on FOA. For those that didn't see the game here's a little report.

It pains me to say it, but Cleo looked better than last year. Actually took off and made a nice run. I can't say he out played Bell though. Barker has some interesting choices to make with Jyles in the picture as well.
I don't think Brannagan is going to get a shot unless someone gets injured. Hall looks to have more potential and will probably be kept around on the PR.
Good running by Wright and Kackert behind a good O-Line to back up Cory Boyd. Argos two starting OT's Murphy and Van Zeyl both sat this one out, but the OL still played well, with two imports Boatman and Coughman playing all the game at OT.
Don't see anybody really stepping up at WR beside Copeland and Watt. Rideau, Boldin and Robinson all made a few good catches but I don't see any consistency there. Andre Durie may be one of the better receivers for them at the slot/RB position. P.K. Sam was kind of a dissappointment. Tranks is suppose to be a player and made one nice catch, but had his right arm in a sling later in the game.
Kouame played a lot but didn't see the ball much. He ran the wrong route once for Dalton Bell. It looked like he was suppose to go to the corner of the right end zone, but he broke down and in. But he played a lot on ST so he looks like he will be kept around.

I think rookie DT Greg Alexandre will be kept as well. Not so sure about the other Canadian rookies DE Robinson and WR Gardner.
Ejiro Kuale started at MLB but appeared to get nicked and sat out until late in the game. If he starts over Pottinger then Robede will probably start at DT. Robede is listed at 6'04 285, doesn't look as big as advertised to me, but he is solid but is no Adrano Belli. Import DT Chris Bradwell played a lot and may get one DT job by default if Wroten doesn't show up, and they still have Buzbee who can play inside or outside.

Lots of good defensive backs, it looks like Parker, Shell, Pile, McCollough and Smalls will be the starting five. Lysack and Black along with one of Abrams, Murillo, Webb, Edwards or Cheatham as back ups. They all have their good points IMO. Edwards has CFL experience so he might get the sixth spot to start the season.

The two little guys Walls and Hewitt both showed some kick returning promise, but they aren't going to replace Owens.

Grant Shaw is going to be a good kicker for the Argos down the not to distance road. Just not this year with Prefontaine still around.

The Argos showed me they are ready to start the season. So many guys back make a difference as they can just pick up where they left off.

Hamilton sat QB Glenn, WR Bruce, RB Cobourne, SB Stala DE Baggs and their three starting LBs Johnson, Knowlton and Williams. So they will be tougher to play with those guys in the line up.
Looks like they may have found a new good tall WR in Aaron Kelley #81. He made some nice catches. QB Jason Boltus looked nervous to start but settled down to play well. But I imagine the TiCats must hope that nothing happens to Kevin Glenn.
Canadian WR Matt Carter made a couple of nice catches.

There was a lot of Football players along the sidelines for this one. It was difficult to count so many moving targets, but I believe the Argos had about 70 in uniform and the Ticats around 60 something. Edit Post Reply With Quote Blog this Post .

Today 11:29 PM

i was stuck in ti-cat zone, surrounded by like a couple hundred ti cat fans
sure wasn't a lot of fans there, I hope when the regular season comes around they can keep attendance up above 20,000 at least

I don't believe there was much of a walk up crowd yesterday. So around 12,000 must be the season ticket total. Better than some years passed, but not good enough IMO.
I believe the Argos are going to be an exciting team to watch, so hopefully they can get up around 30,000 again once the season starts.

I would say there were a few walk ins.
I was a walk in, and they had quite a few ticket sales, my silver tickets were half price. Also they gave free tickets in the blue zone to all of their facebook fans.
Also I was surrounded by a bunch of ti cats fans.

Maybe there is 10,000 season holders if optimistic.

back in action again tonight boys.
another division rival in winnipeg
our first test against a semi-actual roster
first time we'll see Boyd, also a lot of lemon with a microphone on him and Barker.

Looking forward to this game to hear the microphone communication from both QB's and Coaches. From what I read and understand on the Argo's website is Lemon will start in the season opener in Calgary. I'm in the minority here on Cleo Lemon, so thus hope he gets it going and prospers in his second CFL season.

It was a fun game. Lots of excitement for a pre-season game and the miked up Coaches and QB's were interesting to listen to.

indeed I certainly enjoyed it.
Was a little disappointed in both ends of the fields play but some big plays made up for it a bit.

Hope our O line is better during the season because i want Boyd to get back to running form

Yes that was quite enjoyable.

While I"ve never been a Lemon fan, he sure has looked a lot better so far in this pre-season. Run blocking seemed weak, mind you even without Hunt, Winnipeg's front seven is pretty darn tough to run against anyway.

I thought Lin J Shell was terrific, and I was impressed with that rookie, Armando Murillo.

Without stating the obvious, the QB situation is a mess and it appears that most of us here were hoping that there would have been drastic changes at the most crucial spot on the roster.
The status quo in my opinion is simply not good enough.
Although he appeared somewhat better in the pre season games, Lemon still has miles to go if we are going to be a playoff contender again this year and frankly have a chance at winning one possibly two rounds.

don't really understand that comment
Lemon has been the best QB in both games he played.

He outplayed Buck Pierce, and when he came off the field in Winnipeg we almost ended up losing.