Argos practice in extreme heat

This is brutal. I can't believe the temps. The article says it felt like 48 with the humidex. It's supposed to feel like 37 on Saturday. Good luck to the players. I've been trapped inside all week with the central air running non-stop. Even just taking out the recycling is brutal. The heat swarms you like a blanket. :lol:

I remember it reaching 103 when I was in toronto in the 70s.

I know that the same temperature in toronto feels a lot worse than in wpg.

My neighbors kid who I coached as a kid is fighting for his life with Heat Stroke right now, they were flying him by helicopter to a Montreal hospital. Some idiot decided to make them run a 10k dressed in fatigues and ruck sack in the middle of the afternoon.

All the best to him Hf. Idiot for sure making them do that in this heat. On holidays this week with no air conditioning but we have a pool but actually getting sick of the sun and too much being in the pool. This is the worst I've felt it in a long time and won't complain if we have a cold rest of the summer once tbis heat blast ends.

Thank you. I'm hoping to visit him over the weekend. His mom is in Halifax and she's worried sick.

It is insane. My spa's heat is turned off and the water temp is at 100 degrees...

Easy to tell who's old/young by what unit of temperature they use. :stuck_out_tongue:
But srsly, I'd rather have our blah summer than melt like they are in Onterrible. Too much heat!

It is the humidity that is the problem. Yesterday was 45 with humidex works out to 113 degrees for the old schoolers...

It was 48 with humidex in Winnipeg on Tuesday or Wednesday. Can't remember which. I don't even want to walk in that kind of heat, though I can deal with that. I couldn't imagine playing football in it, even practicing. Hope they close the dome for tomorrow's game if it's going to be as warm as predicted.

Cute and cheap :roll: :thdn:

Much like me! :smiley:

They're pretty rare, but there are a few proud Ontarians. I am not one of them. I hate this province. :lol:

Let's hope. Could you imagine being in that heat for three hours? Someone's gonna drop.

Well what province would you like to live in Chief? Mind you I live on Vancouver Island and I hate it here too. Alberta is where I want to be and "OH YEA" :stuck_out_tongue: here's one for ya Chief; You're closer to Cleo Lemon than I am. :rockin: GO ARGOS

backer, VI does have Harry Manx living there, just so you know. :?

You might not like his music but this man is very talented, saw him in concert here and was impressed, just like Dan Mangan coming to Hamilton and very talented, think he is a BC boy as well.

Alberta, do they have any decent groups? :stuck_out_tongue: I think Alberta is a rich wasteland of a province, no soul, but loads of money there. I'll respect them more when they pack their football stadiums for all games because after that they exist in the middle of friggin nowwhere. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Love The Details from the Peg though. :thup: :thup: And Alana Levandovski. :thup: :thup: Again, Alberta, never heard of a decent musician from that province, correct me if I'm wrong though. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe the group would be called the "Alberta Oil Riggers". :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Nickelback is from the Bubblin crude province of Alberta. I will check out Harry Manx as I do like Blues guitar...However, David Gilmour of Floyd will always remain my favourite though.

Nickelback..... the band NO ONE likes to admit they

:lol: Ain't that the truth! They make some decent singles. I don't think I ever owned an album.