Argos & Popcorn

Remember the Eastern Final last November and the popcorn incident. Well I just read on the CFL website under "recap" of tonight's game that two argo linemen sat in the argo dugout and ate popcorn during the second quarter.

I sincerely hope that the tradition of the argos eating popcorn and losing the game continues.

this is why the argos are bad...thier players dont take things seriously....i read, kieth stokes was listening to an iPod during practice ( had earbuds running from under his jersey to under his helmet ), and got benched....these players are slackers.

I sit in row 11, box I, near the argo bench. the popcorn smell was unbelievable, unbelievable good that is, so i'm not surprised to see this happened.

salt reduced diet here, so no go onthe treats for me but man, the smell is still in my shirt, at 1:15 a.m , cant get to sleep yet. Too much fan noise in the ears yet


Oddly enough the popcorn incident played a huge role in getting a certain argo into the hall of fame.

Have a read here.

Thanks Jake for providing that link. Whoever wrote that did a fantastic job.