***Argos playoff tickets onsale EARLY ***

remember that big stink i made about playoff tix not going onsale til nov 8th for general public...well they FINALLY agree with me!!!!....this will definitely be a sell-out now!


After clinching first place in the East in front of a crowd of over 40,000, the demand for tickets to the CFL Scotiabank East Championship on Sunday, November 20 has been so great, the Toronto Argonauts are putting the tickets on-sale to the general public early. Playoff tickets will be available for purchase this Thursday, November 3 at 10:00 a.m. for as low as $25.00.

Since , I am a season ticket holder , my tickets cost 33$ , for 2.... in the 200 level! :smiley:

33 BUCKS for 2 :shock: :smiley:

Wow. And then, they'll brag about getting 40 000 people in the stands?

And then brag about beating MONTREAL or SASK. who ever makes it that far. :wink: :lol: :smiley:

THANKS...........D.G. :smiley: :smiley: GREAT NEWS.....we will have allot more than 40,000 :shock: :smiley:

And........Third and Ten ........At least we have never folded. :wink:

Why not just be happy for the whole league? You sound a little PETTY about all of this.

If MONTREAL makes it there , why don't YOU get a ticket? :twisted:
It's only a 5 and a half hours , drive.Or go on a chartered BUS! :smiley:

And........Third and Ten ........At least we have never folded. :wink:

That was a low blow there, HT.

but he's right 3nd, and feel for me, cuz I gotta take a PLANE to get to any CFL game! :cry:

It's not a low blow Kanga. The Argos never fold because the league have repeatedly used the other teams' money to save the Argos. They could have folded so many times already. Anyways, it was beside the point.

Hellothere, I haven't made my mind yet about going or not to Toronto (if the Als are in the game, of course). Thing is, if I go see that game live, I will not see the western final. The CFL playoffs being only five games, it kinda sucks to miss one. Still, I'd love to be at Roger Center on Nov. 20.

Lets see if Toronto can actually have a sellout. They are the defending Grey Cup Champs, they are the first place team in the East and have a bye, and a home playoff ,and are the favorites.
They are in a city of 5 million(the biggest in Canada).
And Hellothere says he is getting 2 playoffs tickets for $33.00 total for the East Final at the 200 level, which is a JOKE! You'd be very lucky to get one in Montreal for that price and sitting in the 500 level behind the EndZone.
Maybe they can get there first sellout in what 75 years or so? just kidding!
And if they happen to win it all again, lets see if they can actually get more than 25000 to there Grey Cup Parade!

Yes, Toronto is coming around and realizing that they are, in fact, still a city in Canada and are not a city in the good ol' US of A. And Canadian stuff like the Grey Cup and the CFL are pretty darn ok, it is ok to be in a league that has no American teams, it's just fine and doesn't do anything in reality to damage your ego unless you let the media idiot and moron naysayers let it. In fact, maybe they are realizing that it is actually sort of neat to have this thing called the CFL, Canadian football and the Grey Cup, something the Yanks can't get their hands on and is the oldest professional football trophy in North America, a trophy that makes the Super Bowl trophy, if that is what it is called, look like an infant in diapers as it has only been around since 1967 instead of 1909!

Earl, the "Super Bowl Trophy" is called the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Thanks Third_and_Ten, forgot the official name of it.

The GC is the oldest, but it was about the size of the Vince Lumbadi troupy up unitll 1987 or somwthime in the 80's when the league apbed it up a bit to look like the Staley Cup, A REALLY GREAT IDEA!!!! I might add.

Earl, I've known the Super Bowl troupy name since 1993 when I was 8 years old! and I had only been in the US for less than a year! :shock:

However, what's the name of the NBA and MLB troupy? Anyone know?

KK, you are right, I should have known this for sure.


That’s nothing, ht. I too am a season tix holder, and I was able to score 3 ducats in the 100-level south end zone for $54.

AWESOME............being a season ticket holder has it's pirks!!! :shock: :wink: :smiley:

Dudes… I got to thinking…

I’ve always been told that during the playoffs, the CFL takes over each game. The league rents the stadiums, cashes in the tickets and pays the players.

But if that’s so, how come playoffs tickets’ prices aren’t balanced from a place to another?

mongo, it would cost 225$ to get the equivalent of your tickets in Montreal. And we host the semi-final while you host the final. It’s not a matter of being a season ticket holder, because I am too.

How can this be if the league is in charge?

i think its the teams option to handle it themselves OR let the league take care of it…

in this case, the Argos owners opted to handle the playoff game themselves…more risky ( if they draw a small crowd, then they lose money ), but if they can get a sell-out then they make the profit that way.

i know its something like this, but not exactly sure of the details, if someone wants to clarify.

From my understanding, the team can buy-out the league's rights, and that's something that do not happen often. Last year, the Lions bought their playoff game from the league for 1 million . I doubt the Argos would spend this much to let fans buy three tickets for 54.

i thought i already posted an article on this site, where the argo owners said they would buy the rights ( if they got 1st place ), because they ( and montreal owners ) think the East final game could be worth UP TO $1 000 000.

and since they DID finish 1st, they did buy the rights to the game.

click my thread entitled : Argos owners shocked with success!

it does say the bought the rights and they think its worth over $500 000 to them.

ah, but here's the thing, 3rd&10, my tix are classed as "price category 4" (based on season tix pricing) in the Dump. For the most expensive, you'd have to be in the 200-level sidelines. But with those "VIP field-level" seats they added for the Hamilton game and now the East final, you're looking at almost, if not above, $100/seat.

Personally, I feel the Als' ticket pricing guidelines are freakin' insane: charge an outrageous amount for a seat in a poor location. The GC in 2001 was proof of that. I bought a then top priced ticket ($185) for the game at the Big Uh-Oh, and the morons stuck me in section 145 (that's about the 10-yd line). I know that maybe they're trying to compensate for other factors (can't fill as many seats, facility rental fee, etc.) but by the sounds of it, they're trying to emulate the pricing strategy as say...the Leafs and/or Habs.

i just got my tickets...section 132 row 14.....some of the best seats in the Dome....in your face, season ticket holders!!!!!....lol