Argos playing at Varsity Stadium !

Argos to play their per season game at Varsity

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Beauty!!! :thup: :thup: :thup:

All I can say this is a horrible move.
A bleacher stadium with seats on one side and the configuration is like sardines.

That is how McGill was when the Als were forced to play a game there. some of the staircases had to be quarantined off as they had crumbled away. I'm not saying it will be the same success story but if they had zero choice why not conduct an experiment ? I think it is great to see the league show the Argos "enemies" that they will support Braley to the end.

Agree 100%. Why not give it a try. A refitted Varsity is where they should've put money into and developed cooperatively years ago!

I hope it works out for them.

People might be missing the fact that the original Varsity Stadium is no more. It could have very well been to the Argos what McGill is to the Alouettes had the Argos made the same move before Varsity's demolition in 2002.

After the collapse of the plan to rebuild Varsity for the CFL and MLS for 2006, U of T opted for a small 5000 seat multi-purpose complex with a track. The Argos will have to erect temporary seating over the track and such seating will not be allowed to become permanent any time in the remotely near future. With the track, there is no room in the remaining footprint of the site for any additional permanent seating.

Until the current facility becomes obsolete in 40 or 50 years, the Argos will not move permanently to Varsity.

Plus there is absolutely no room to expand as on the opposite side of the bleachers there is no room to put up any temporary seats, not even one row.
It's a small high school like field, that's it.

The biggest disappointment in the "Big Smoke" has got to be the building of a soccer- only facility. The Argos and the FC should be sharing a Molson Stadium - type facility. Somebody down at city hall was asleep at the switch on that one. By the way, how is that soccer team working out? :lol:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Nobody was asleep at the switch when BMO was constructed as a soccer specific stadium.
This was clearly a calculated move.

Larry Tanenbaum and Richard Peddie of MLSE possessed much political and fiscal influence within City Hall, and exercised this leverage in order to use the public purse to accommodate an MLSE property (FC) while inflicting further hindrance to the Argos.

lest we forget, Larry et al have been fervent NFL-to-Toronto advocates for many years now.....a successful Argos franchise could very well thwart or derail such plans...

The Argos should explore doing something with York Univ. for a new stadium. They have lots of room to build and transportation and parking would not be an issue. Take a look at the area on Google Earth. Of couse, money and the will to do something are the biggest barriers, but with Varsity being virtually impossible, York U has a lot of potential.

Well said, Tangled!

And, when Mayor David Miller and Olivia Chow Chow chimed in, the project was doomed! They got the whole thing cancelled based upon having to close access to Devonshire Place... the street on the west side of Varsity! That had to be done for a year to accommodate cranes.

It should've been awesome!

The site was supposed to house UofT men's and women's athletics, the Argos, Rugby Canada, Soccer Canada, an MLS team, and Varsity Arena was going to be reno'd to house the Leafs' training facilities and UofT hockey/basketball.

But Miller and Chow didn't want a hardly-used street to be closed for a year!

One of the many reasons I left that P*sspot Toronto!

Kind of funny though when you think of it, a guy like Tanenbaum and Phil Lind and those sorts are afraid of the "big bad CFL" and Argos. What a bunch there down the QEW, what a bunch. They can't even figure out how to make themselves the envy of Canadian football, well, the Argos did last year albeit with no help from these "big shots" with all their money.