Argos Player/Cats Fan Altercation

Did anyone else notice what Acklin did after he scored his TD? While he was running over to celebrate with Ticat fans in the end zone, he passed a group pf Argo fans with flags, and ripped one of the flags away from them and threw it on the turf.

Yesterday was pretty wild.

I have not seen any of the news reports on TV, nor read any of the articles, but my wife advised me that the incident with Edwards involved 1 or more fans jumping over a barrier to get into the path of the Argos players returning to their dressing room.

So right off the bat, the fan has to be held accountable for that action. But that alone does not warrant a player attempting to punch a fan. I don't know if this same incident involves the beer spitting. If that is the case I might even conclude that Edwards showed restraint for only throwing a single punch (and missing).

And this is coming from a fan who believes Edwards is scum. Has anyone commented on the fact that Edwards went out of his way to fake taking a run at one one of our receivers (Speedy B ??) on 2 separate occasions when we were in victory formation?? I suppose it is possible that he & the receiver in question are old friends and he was doing this in jest, but that is not how I interpreted that action. It appeared to me that he was attempting to provoke something.

Regardless, I am sure the authorities will take the appropriate actions, and it will add an ugly incident to the Ti-Cats v. Argos lore.

I didn't notice it this time, but for whatever reason, Ticats in victory formation has been driving other teams insane this season.

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It reminded me of a play-off game we had against the Alouettes at old Ivor Wynne . Elfrid Payton who played for the Als came out of the visitors dressing room and jumped up and stole a fans Ti-Cat flag .

The story goes that he took it inside the dressing room and got the entire Montreal team to sign it before he gave it back to the fan .

TSN also got Edwards on camera pre-game giving Ticat fans the finger.

Dude is a piece of work. And by "work", I mean :poop:

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That flag was in our group.
Elfrid Payton stole my friends flag and almost pulled him over the rail.
He did take it into the locker room at halftime.

Then Ticats staff brought us 2 brand new flags which we made sure he saw when he came back out.

Cats staff then returned our original flag. No signing, but Elfrid had some kind words for our mothers.


I used to sit at the bottom of section 23 right above where the Ti-Cat tunnel was . I had a birds eye view of that incident . I remember seeing Payton come out of the locker room and jumping up to steal the flag . I said to my buddies at the game while we watched it words to the effect of " What the eff is that POS Payton think he's doing ? " Honestly couldn't believe it when it happened .

It's also nice that you can confirm that the team autograph session is an urban myth . It was nice of him though to say a few kind words about all your mothers . :laughing:

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Yup we sat in section 17 forever.
Lots of kicks over the net and lots of fun with opposing players.

The best is when Montreal had DeAndre Dix and Chip Cox...

We chanted "you suck dix, you suck Cox" as they came out.


"Argos Suck! Allouettes Swa...(insert name of small bird)!"


So that was you ? I remember those cheers , too funny . :rofl: :rofl:

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Proves the rivalry is far from dead

Not a big deal set aside 50 seats Argo's fans and move on. BMO has to be the only stadium that the home team needs extra security.


that should allow them plenty of social distancing as well. good idea!

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The latest footage shows Ticat fans throwing beer & other refuse at Argos players & staff walking to their dressing room and stopping to sign autographs for their fans.

I don't know why these so-called fans would do this; the game was over, the Argos had lost, who cares if their fans want autographs?

Blame BMO field for the setup that allowed Ticat fans to access the walkway above their path to the dressing room, but the behavior of these fans was inexcusable. And yes, it showed a guy in Ticat gear jumping the barrier.

The people should not only be banned from BMO field, they should be banned from our stadium too, imo.


BMO should have better security, but at the same time, maybe they thought people wouldn't act like animals.

There is an element of our fanbase that takes things too far and it's a mark on us, a week before we play in one of our biggest games.

The Argo fans we encountered we're friendly and two even wished us luck next week. I feel embarrassed on behalf of those "fans" that engaged in the antics.


In that case, Winnipeg's heading to the loony bin next Sunday night.

Every indication that the fan started that 100%.

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Can't really fault BMO, when they moved the Argos to their new home nobody expected they would potentially have more than 10K for a football game.

They did not account for the loyal Ticat following to push them to the brink.

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Shows us EVERY fan base has asshats to contend with. Anyone who thinks otherwise is only pretending.

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I agree, and every fan base has exceptional fans. Most of us are in the "bell curve".

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