Argos Player/Cats Fan Altercation

Again as I said, sober people do not do stupidass things to huge angry Men with a bad demeanor Or if you like if you are dumb and drunk and go looking for trouble .... You gonna find it

Class. Thank you. Let's enjoy the week.


Ticats fans charged in clash with Argos players caught on video after Sunday’s East final | The Star

Fans charged with trespassing......

My understanding is that the Ticat fan spit beer on the Argo player. As a Ticat fan I cannot condone such behaviour. You should never spit anything on anyone unless you're trying to get punched.


The pearl clutching over this, especially argo social media, is getting to be a bit much.

If Ang Mosca did this 50 years ago it'd be legendary. Mentioned in his eulogy and looked back on fondly.

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Yup. Hockey player/ fan stuff, for example, is now nostalgia and a source of humour for sports clip shows.


After viewing all the videos I could find I pretty much agree that's the way it looked to me as well. Much as I hate the Argos and Edwards in particular I have trouble seeing anything so far that get me crying out for vengence.

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Old Ang would have knocked him out :smiley:; Looks like the Argo player whiffed his punch . :grinning:

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CP24 just reported that 2 men jumped a barricade and tried to fight with players. The two men have been charged. Really, It looked like the barricade jumping was by the players but oh wait, just informed by MLSE and CFL all the videos were in error :joy:

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I like the punctuation mark that this incident, and the events of the past week, put on the Argos season. It's like the world has been restored to its rightful order. Argos have once again been confirmed as all of the following:

  • Punks
  • Sore losers
  • The team that gets special treatment from the league
  • The team that tries to buy victories rather than build from the ground up

GM's smiles aside, they are no longer even pretending not to be the bad guys.

read the same thing. seems really odd. There are alot of fans in the area in question, it appears it's the players that were in an area where they shouldnt be.
But i dont know for sure.

I think they were charged with trespassing.

vs the assault charges that are surely coming for the Argo player.

Sporting events seem to be exempt from criminal law, e.g. hockey players that attempt to kill/paralyse their opponents and only face discipline from the league and not the courts.

I always assumed the exemption applies only to acts committed against the other gladiators and not the spectators. But I guess we'll find out.

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killing? paralyzing?



A few have called for TC fan segregated seating at BMO. This is how ridiculous this is getting. Every anecdotal negative TC fan interaction now being catalogued as proof of the need.
"Get over yourself" is a played out cliche, but, please, Argo whiners , get over yourself.


segregated seating?

that'd need to include 90% of the seats.

Like UK football. All visiting fans in one designated, seperate section. Not quite a "moral panic" but its getting close.

I get it...but that section, unless massive in side, will sell out while the rest of the stadium remains empty.

It'll look even worse on TV.