Argos Player/Cats Fan Altercation

Are we watching the same video?
The fan has both hands on his flag he does raise it up but it's hard to swing holding a flag in both hands. Edwards takes a swing at him. He can be charged for assault, any response must be equal to the provocation. I had the same thing happen when I was attacked by a drunk while I was working for Edmonton Transit. Someone filmed it so the police used the video to determine if my response was appropriate.
Only Edwards takes a swing

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The fan looks like he either shoved Edwards or pushed the flag into his face. It is hard to tell from that angle. Then Edwards took a swing and backed up when the fan ran at him. The fan was definitely the provocateur and sounds like he was acting on a dare or was maybe boozed up.

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Edwards should be fined & cut and not allowed to sign with any other team in the league.

I'm sure the fan was a yapper, but it didn't look like he "assaulted" Edwards. No words are going to justify taking a swing at a fan.

CFL PR dept. is earning its pay this week, lol.

Drunk asshat(fan) who got what he deserved...take team loyalty out of this... the fan took the first swing... not to mention when you are shitfaced drunk and go look for trouble you find it

No indication anyone is drunk in these videos.

Agreed, buy you and I know better a fan would never pick a fight with with a 290 pound monster if he was sober...especially an angry one in battle gear with an attitude

No indication the fan picked a fight.
Videos are limited.
Only things we know for 100% certainty.

Players jumped over railings to get to fans.
BMO lost complete control.

The fan(s) likely did things that will not only get them arrested, but possibly jail time. But we don't know any of those things yet.

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I also agree the player(s) should not have involved themselves but again where was the security ... there should be no way for fans of opposing teams to interact with team players

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That part is undeniable. BMO security should be all over that area.
They were clearly not prepared for the increased attendance

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Migh have been whoever was sitting here. Haha.

Bud Light ? Deserved everything he got, then.


That was the result of a bad layout where the players and fans cross paths....someone from BMO needs to be held responsible...mind you the fan needs to have some common sense....

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or the alleged security team that was likely in the bathroom at the time....

I just saw something posted on fb...a fan snapped a pre game photo of Chris Edwards giving Hamilton fans the finger, which TSN did show on the broadcast. This fan emailed the photo to Ambrosie & posted his response saying they're looking into it. So, between this & throwing a punch at a fan, I think it's safe to say Edwards is the one with a history of issues.

I screenshotted the exchange, but don't want to post it because it has the fan's email addy in it.


I noted that, at the time, and was expecting a objectionable conduct penalty. It wasn't a "pro" move by Acklin. I may be wrong, prior to looking at, again, as recorded, but I don't think the Argo fan was doing anything wrong, just cheering and jeering. The Hamilton fan and Argo players incident was, IMO, a case of, at least, 3 men acting as men too often do, all making bad decisions when faced with opportunities to act and / or react.

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Acklin grabbing a Anchor flag is a fun thing , not at all objectionable conduct .
Remember the former Cat doing the Oskie Wee Wee motion after scoring a TD? Not objectionable conduct ,entertainment for somebody ....
Glad the Ref's are not calling the small things like flag grabbing done in a fun way , leave your flag hanging out by the players ,they can grab it and probably return it or security can return it ,no big deal , entertainment hopefully....

After reading this artical on 3DN, I'm prepared to take everything back: Video allegedly shows Argos players climbing into stands during altercation with Ticats fans after 2021 East Final loss | 3DownNation

It states the "fan" allegedly spit beer into the player's face, shoved his flag in his face, and verbally assaulted him.

If true (and the courts will sort it out) the "fan" should be banned from ALL CFL facilities for life.


Blame here is not mutually exclusive.

If the fan spit beer at the Argo players he should be banned for life 100% and charged for his role in the physical altercation.

That does not excuse going into fan designated areas and physically confronting them, regardless of how any of that started.
Edwards should be given a 1 year suspension. You can't go into the crowd to confront fans, ever. This is what got the NBA in trouble in the past.

BMO should absolutely be held responsible as in the old Ivor Wynne days when the players walked under the endzone there were police and security there quick to respond.

All sides look really bad, Fans, Players and BMO.


You summed it up right the idiot either shoved Edwards or pushed the flag is his face. It doesn't justify taking a swing that is aggravated assault. Dealing with a drunk when you're sober sucks, but Edwards put his helmet on and went into the crowd looking for a fight. Both are dumb in this case.

Snuggles, I owe you a full apology.

I see you were just having fun with this and I took it way too seriously.

My bad for not having the sense of humour to see this comment as it was intended.

It took another poster, canadianfootballfan to call me out on this and make me realize my comments were uncalled for.