Argos Player/Cats Fan Altercation

The doctor might prescribe some snuggles for your sense of humour.

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That's pretty good... lol

Get to cfl reddit

It gets worse.

Argotwats jumped up into concourse to get at fan

Not sure if this will work


I just saw a replay of the Acklin TD. When he got to the back of the end zone he took offence to a fan’s Argos flag, so he grabbed the flag and ran off with it. He didn’t even scale the barrier to pummel the fan.

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Also City TV ended their game highlights package with the clip of the concourse battle.

Argos are just masters of PR this week.

Tomorrow Pinball will say it was all his fault.


The one who was detained by security came running from a distance up behind Edwards, jumped in front of him to get in his face and take the first swing.

Running up from a distance?

You in the sauce tonight?

Yeah, that was uneccessary. No reason to act like a boorish idiot. Celebrating in a classy manner is the best way to represent your city or team. Luckily most Hamilton fans are classy.

Exactly. :+1: I've been to Ivor Wynne in full Rider gear (although the opponent happened to be BC that day). Tailgated at Scott Park. Hamilton treated me most fabulously that day. Wonderful experience that I'll never forget.


We had Rider fans in front of us and beside us this afternoon...

Like always they were classy and having a great time

Riders fans are the best (after the cat fans of course)


Not going to lie, I want to say yes.

Only on a dare of course.

Yes. The Reddit video at about 11 seconds, you see his cape flash as he runs up from behind Brissett. That's the dumb fan. That's him. Edwards did not go into the crowd to face that guy. That guy wasn't there to begin with. He went to go have words with someone else who knows? It looks very much like the Argo teammates climbed the fence to perhaps reel in Edwards or keep him out of trouble. Then the dumb fan came from way back behind everyone to get in the grill of Edwards and swing first. Should Edwards have gone that far off the path? No, but as far as actual fisticuffs are concerned the fan totally started it and even tried to continue it after Edwards took one swing back and walked away.


Maybe he thought that cape gave him superpowers?

Captain Dudley Douchewright

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Players jumping into the stands to attack fans must be pretty rare in pro football. I'd say it's "a first", but I'm sure it's happened before - heck, it was probably a scheduled event in the XFL.

I remember being pretty shocked when Argo Bashir Levingston threw his helmet at a Ticat fan back in 2005. I didn't even realize players had the option to climb right up and throw punches.

I don't see a swing by the guy with the flag. He is obnoxious no doubt but he only holds his flag up. You can't assault someone for that. Also why in the world are the Argo players going into the stands in the first place. Edwards has no discipline on or off the field.

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Do they think this is hockey
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At about the 14 second mark of that video the fan does something to make Edwards lunge back. Edwards keeps backing up and trying to avoid the guy until the security grabbed him.

That's a legendary clip. Those Bruins were animals back then. I think they might have inspired the Hanson Brothers from the movie Slapshot. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: