Argos part ways with receiver Brandon Banks

TORONTO — The Toronto Argonauts have parted ways with American wide receiver Brandon Banks, the team announced on Tuesday.

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Is he getting too old or too expensive or something?

All of the above .


IMHO yes, yes, and possibly.

For (I'm guessing) an 'above average salary' he gave the Argos a very average receiver output of 37 catches for 522 yards and 4 touchdowns over the course of 16 games played.

The 'something' you alluded to might be a failed attempt by the Argos to re-sign him for less dough.

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I am a Cat fan and to be honest I have been angry at them since they allowed Banks to leave - the guy deserved better than what he received from Hamilton in his last year there - they ignored him and basically sidelined him for an entire season. I am happy that Banks finally won a Grey Cup - too bad it was with he Argos. I would like to see Banks back in Tiger-town either as a coach or player - he is still capable of both!

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35 is conisdered past due date at the recievor postion

He still is good enough to play a few more years, but his role has changed from primary recievor to leadership/mentor

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His production in 2021 with Hamilton was about the same as with the Argos in 2022. Pretty sure he got bruised ribs early in the 2021 season but even before that the Covid layoff didn’t do him any favours. Great performer in his prime but this I would think is the end of the line for him as a player - cheaper for teams to go with 1st/2nd year guys as a fourth receiver. Glad he finally got a Cup victory.

:sunglasses: Another small reason that the Argos released "Speedy B " is because he is owed a $35,000 bonus on Feb. 1. Such is the life of a CFL player :sleepy: :sleepy:

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I wonder if they gave him the option of "retiring" and he did not get the hint.

If you have Twitter-he responded to this "kind of". lol check it out

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If you have Twitter-he responded to this "kind of". lol check it out

sorry, meant to reply to Tipper

Argos have a handful of players who they have to make a decision on based upon their age. I expect Eric Rogers & Andrew Harris (unless they can't sign Ouellette) are on their way out too, to mention a couple. The reality is sometimes players, stars as much as anyone, have to be told to quit. Rogers has played 7 games in 2 years, Harris has been injured the past 2.

Hamilton, the 2nd oldest team last year, started making changes & I fully expect them to go younger (Bo being a possible exception). I'd be shocked if Brandon ended up there - they have some tough decisions to make on Laurent & Lawrence to name 2. But would not be surprised if one or both are gone.

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I agree that Banks is 35 and is getting a little ling in the tooth - but he is still a threat and could be useful to the Cats - my hope is that he would be hired on as a coach. However, I disagree with the comment about COVID being harmful to him - instead I think COVID was a blessing to some of those who were injured prior to COVID - the time off gave them plenty of time to heal and to rejuvenate. Banks proved this when he played with the Argos. He is a CFL legend - as good as any who have played the game - he deserves more respect than what he is receiving from either the Cats or Argos.


Elks did something similar with one of their top players a while back. It seems petty, ungrateful and short-sighted to me, especially with the kind of top player who isn't easily replaced.

Greg Ellingson was 38 catches for 598 yds

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Another CFL not guaranteed contract unless it works in favor of the league or team

In 8 games. So Ellingson had more than double the catches and double the yardage if extrapolated over 16 games. Not sure if you are aware that Greg played only 8 games to Banks’ 16 games. No comparison for last year’s stats.

Brandon had a great career and was one of the best. If he thinks he can still play and snags a contract then good for him. Also good for him if he retires.


Possibly they were very tight to the salary cap and that 35k could be better spent on re-signing/improved contract for another player rather than a bonus for someone who they assume is on a slow decline anyway?

I just remember late in the Grey Cup game and Banks running his mouth, and perhaps shoving someone, to take a undisciplined penalty. Let's hope his mentoring skips that part :slight_smile: .