Argos Ownership Discussion Thread

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This is critical.
No rules against one owner owning more than one franchise but after consecutive years of good CFL news this goes to the heart of credibility . You know the CFL-haters are going to have a field day with this.

Has happened in the MLS or is currently the situation in the MLS I believe and the MLS is "all the craze" in Toronto and the players sign with the league.

CFL has nothing to worry about here IMHO.

I hope it happens, and I hope he hires Tilman as GM. It would be nice to have a strong Argo's club in east.

As long as he isn't allowed to hire anything but presidents and not allowed to be involved in football operations then its okay. Otherwise it would create a conflict of interest. Can't let it influence trades or anything either.

The Commissioner may have to insert a no trade rule between BC and Toronto as long as Braley owns both clubs.
I would be ok with that after the Argos acquire Jackson or Pierce for their QB this season. :wink:

Even if everything is on the level, it leaves open the posibility (and perception) of cheating. One team per owner, please.

Yes but more importantly, we have to keep a team in Toronto if at all possible, the Argo fans deserve it if nothing else.

First order of business trading Middlebrooks, Eban, Belli, Robertson, and Murphy to BC for Wally Buonno's barber.

What a joke this league allows itself to be over and over and over again lol

But you still love it anyways, right Drex? :wink:

You do realize Canada is joke according to many folk out there. But we love her anyways, we still end up living here afterall, many of us at any rate. :wink:

is it that bad that NOONE wanted to buy the argos???? i mean NOONE ??????

or was it something that was just handled badly ??? i need to find some news on this

Whoever controls the Argos will have to make some trades to inject life into the offence. Maybe Obie can swindle the 1st overall pick in the draft away from TO in that regard.

I want to buy them. Now if I can just get Dave, I mean Mr. Braley :slight_smile: to co-sign for me....

thats got nothing to do with one guy owning 2 teams … especially with 1 in east and 1 in west … what happens if they both make the playoffs … people will kick and scream and cry and say it was fixed …

i doubt it ever would be … the worst thing a team can do is have the owners control things thats why they hire all the personell … otherwise you’d have the owners picking the drafts and coaching on the sidelines

The fact that Braley lent some money to the two Argo owners is nobody's business.

The fact they seem to have in effect used the entire Argos franchise as collateral is everyone's business.

Don't get me wrong, I like David Braley a lot but who is really running the CFL ? The BOG ? The Commissioner? or Mr. Braley himself. He wields way too much power in the CFL and seems to make up his own set of rules as he goes along and there is not much anyone seems to be able to do about it.

At the very least, the optics of this this is really bad. The Golden Rule seems to apply in the"He who has the Gold....... Rules"

(I do realize the Commissioner says they have closed the loophole and will not allow this type of thing to happen again. That's a positive I suppose)

Yes deer. But I wonder how much Steinbrenner with the Yanks rule the roost in MLB with no real salary cap but rather the soft luxury tax. Probably just as much as the control Braley has in the CFL. I'm sure most teams in MLB want a salary cap - but not the Yanks.

Thanks for the quick heads up on this.
I don't think the credibility issue will be too great. The league could do a lot worse than having David Braley own the Lions and the Blue team. I wish he had bought the Ottawa R-R/Renegades a few years ago. Maybe they would still be in business.
And having a couple of Blue team owners who are underfunded is not the best situation for Toronto either.
Maybe Braley plans to sell in the future if a local big-money buyer comes on the scene.
I also think it would be tough for Braley to have a conflict without the whole world knowing about it. There are too many people involved so he won't be able to force trades, fix games or starve the team for money.

Toronto deserves one winning sports team. Good luck to him.

Thanks to David Braley , the CFL is on the rise in the Great White North. He is keeping the league alive and prospering. Without his money, the blue team is dead. The current Argo owners got their Grey Cup revenues but are not prepared to re-invest in the Argos. So far, Braley has rescued the Cats,Lions, and Argos. What else does this man have to do? Perhaps if he donated millions of dollars to local hospitals and universities... oh he's already done that. Perhaps some people on this site should consider the old maxim, if you can't say anything nice about someone, then S.T.F.U.. I think that's how it goes. :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

I agree and I must say that as I was typing out my opinion in my earlier post, Steinbrenner crossed my mind.

As fans, some of us are kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place as to what to think about this situation. Braley has indeed stepped up at few critical times which helped the league.......but then the league is in the current strange position with him and the Argos. What to think?..What to say?.....I myself am a little bit torn as far as my opinion (not that my opinion carries much weight anyhow)

It is what it is unfortunately and all we can hope is that it works itself out favourably and in a transparent fashion and something like this doesn't happen again.

Pat Lynch said:

"Perhaps some people on this site should consider the old maxim, if you can't say anything nice about someone, then S.T.F.U.. I think that's how it goes."

Pat, I didn't see anyone going overboard bashing Braley at all.......what I did see was CFL fans showing some discomfort with a loan being made to an owner by another owner and a franchise being used as collateral. Also, it hit the news media and was reported on so people have a right to comment and offer their opinions......anytime fans are told to "STFU" is never a good day for fans. I'll assume you never meant it as harshly as it came out in your post.

One thing for sure, if Toronto gets the 100th GC and I understand that’s already been decided as a yes, and Braley as the owner, it will be done right in Toronto. And that is good. No offence to C&S, they are great guys all the way but I question a few things about them and not sure if I trust them to be able to pull off what the 100th GC deserves to be.