Argos ownership and mgmt. More stalling...

I'm starting to think that the Argos owners are playing with Cohon and the other franchises.

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Nothing surprises me on this front. Toronto and sports, what does anyone expect, it's all a big circus there, any league and for different reasons.

Since it appears the three individuals are at an impass, I blame this mess which has dragged on needlessly on Cohon.
He should have stepped in with a dropped dead deadline date and then either mediated or with a shotgun clause in place.
I hate to say this but this is all to similar of the Renegades and the mess with the Glieberguys.

...put a (shot)gun to the current owners heads and they definately walk...I don't see the big issue of hiring a coach while an issue of team ownership is being settled...Braley is ready to step in at anytime so it sounds, once Cohen has exhausted his search for a silent partner, so the safety net exists....

These deadlines are definitely moving targets. Cohon is trying hard to keep his buddy Cinamon as part owner it seems, and I don't have a problem with that. But David's name as a good owner is getting somewhat tarnished. Howard apparently doesn't want to be involved as far as putting money into a black hole anymore, so hopefully TSN or MLSE will step up as a part owner and ride to the rescue.

Given TSN's investment in the CFL, it makes all kinds of sense for it to take a stake in the Argos. They are uniquely positioned to increase the value of the franchise, and already have tremendous contacts in the ad/sponsorship world where all manner of creative partnering arrangements can be fashioned.

yeah, i am curious who this mysterious "party" is. may jim balsili(pardon spelling)

Think it would be ok if we traded Toronto for Seattle? I'd be cool with it.

For sure, it would be great hothead if Jim Balsillie came in on this, that would be a big 'wow'! Come on Jim, ok so football players don't have skates but hey, close enough my friend. I grew up in Canada playing hockey and football, Canadian football is just as 'Canadian' as hockey just not as popular nation-wide, that's all.

I'd have to think about Balsillie. As long as he doesn't try to move the Argos to Hamilton then it might not be too bad. :wink:

These guy are a joke. They're not even serious owners. Pretty boy and penny-pincher need to go. They simply are killing this team's chances for respectability.

While I don't think I'd go so far as Geroy above, I do agree that this mealy-mouthed crap is wearing a bit thin. A decision needs to be made, and it needs to be made now. If these two guys no longer want to own the team, fine, but come out and say as much, and sell the damn team.

The bit about a mystery owner is curious... I just read an article TSN put up tonight, and it didn't mention any mystery owner.

I don't really know what to think, I guess we'll just have to wait, lots of negotiations going on I guess.

CKNW was throwing David Braley's name as a part owner working with Cinnimon.

Has anyone discussed the problem of conflict of interest if TSN owns the Argos? I love what TSN has done for Canadian Pro Football but could there be problems with favouritism towards their own team or is that what we need right now? Perhaps their could be a time limit on their ownership? Just a 'bridge' ownership to get the team back on their feet and a better owner comes along. Is there any talk of community ownership of the Argos or is that a non-starter in the Big Smoke?

Rogers and MLSE would probably nix any idea of a community ownership idea of any sports franchise, it could set a bad precedent and especially MLSE wouldn't want that with the huge profits they make off the Leafs every year. Imagine if there was an outcry that the Leafs go to community ownership? And who would get the profits then? The Leafs are a license to print money. :wink:

No difference than CBC favouring the Toronto Maple Leafs. I still recall Bob Cole bawling his eyes out on air when the Canucks eleminating the Maple Leafs in 1994.

Rogers owns the Jays.....same thing. Ted Turner owns the Braves....

Besides, TSN shows all the games, and the league makes the schedule so it's not like this would affect their broadcasting decisions. If anything, it creates more incentive for increasing CFL popularity, as they'd win twice.

As mentioned either earlier in this thread or in another one about the Argos, TSN owned the team before and there didn't seem to be any problems so I doubt there would be now.

Tick, tick, tick............