Argos Owner Takes A Shot At Hogtown?

Keith Pelley, in talking about the upcoming Grey Cup half-time entertainment, seemed to take a shot at Toronto, by calling it an "American wannabee city".

I don't think it was meant to disparage Hogtown, but probably showed his frustration with the media of that city. That needs the US seal of approval for everything.

While I'm surprised he said it, I'm glad he told it like it is. Then again the Hogtown media probably took it as a compliment. Shows how screwed up they are in that city.

Seems like he got it right.

The guy is right!

Hit the nail on the head Good for him Im sure hes ready to explode. Probably feels like the Lions Murphy and Rasouli when someone ruffs up their qb but thats a different story that I dont want to get into. lol

OK, let's get things straight on this..

Keith Pelley is NOT the owner of the Argos. Cynnamon and Sokolowski are the owners. Pelley is just the president of the team; who will be leaving the organization after the Grey Cup to take over a role with the CTV/TSN consortium broadcasting the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and the 2012 Summer Games in London, England.

Now that that's out of the way, onto my rant...

Good on Pelley to "shoot" on the media like he did. With the way the media (and some politicians.. hello Mayor David Miller) treats things around here, I'm surprised they haven't seriously looked into taking the Yanks up on the XII Amendment and have Toronto officially become the 51st U.S. state. They seem to act like it already is to begin with. :roll: :x

You really have to wonder what is it the Argos have done wrong for the media to dislime them so much. Maybe bad marketing.

Is there a link to the actual article?

This should help

Right on, I have been saying this for years and as a resident.

It definately has to be tough to own a team in TO and to be a CFL fan. Maybe the CFL fan in TO and area need to do more writing to the newspapers and keep plugging away until some form of change can happen. I dread the day the NFL does come there. That will be the end of football for TO football fans. An NFL team will last possibly 5 to 6 years before the novelty is worn off. Look at the Blue Jays how much money are they losing every year? Mongo you should know the answer to that. Whats to say an NFL team goes to TO and the Argos move to London. Then TO fans have the world of both leagues. They do now right. I men right now if you want your NFL fix you just run down to Buffalo. So really what would be the difference. The media of course would give the NFL top billing but it does that already. Also you have to consider the cost of tickets to the NFL game vs a CFL game. Where is your money best spent.I would not fear the NFL coming to TO. But right now I think Berezin and many other TO CFL fans should be in the papers everyday reminding people that it is fun to be an Argo fan. Also mention they are one of the oldest clubs in NA.

The Toronto NFL Argos… :lol: :lol:

Thanks for the link. But from reading the article I’m left wondering if it isn’t Pelley himself who is the American Wannabee.

Comments like, “People said the Grey Cup would maybe get lost in Toronto, there’s no chance it will get lost now.” What a stupid thing to say. Toronto isn’t so special that the city itself overshadows the Grey cup. And to joke that, “We’re running out of performers”??? What a shcmuck.

I dont’ think you have to take it over the top. That’s what the SuperBowl is all about…or should I say SuperBore, and that’s why I don’t watch. After reading his comments I can see why the media has the appearance of not taking the CFL seriously…Pelley doesn’t seem to take Canadian content seriously either.

I have no problem with Lenny Cravitz, just the reasons Pelley gives

Anyone would be hard pressed to find a Torontonian that would take offence to this on the forum as the ones that MIGHT are all over 70. T.O. is a great town to visit (Ive gone a handful of times) but being from Sask., the possibility of relocation to the Big Banana is sort of like a Mexican trying to move to France.


Dont take what Pelley said out of context. There are many ways you can read that Ive learned that in the short time I have been coming here.

Mississauga people are 5 times worse than Toronto people for wanting to be American. Whenever I've driven Mississauga bar goers here in Waterloo, they announce they are from Mississauga like I should give them a free ride, kiss their arse, and form the basis of an entourage to worship them for the rest of the night.

What people are forgetting here is that about 30,000 do go to Argo games every week. Sure, it would be great if they could pack the RC but while everyone is raving about the Als sold-out consective streak in a 20,000 seater and not coming down on this as a small stadium, few are saying anything good about 25,000 - 30,000 at an Argo game.

Imagine for a few minutes if the Argos played out of a 25,000-30,000 seater completely outdoor stadium packed and how this would look like on TV? Pretty awesome.

There are a lot of great Canadian proud Torontonians but not as many as there should be perhaps. But we can’t do much about that, change people’s minds that is, people have the right to feel however they want to. We just need to keep showing up at our beloved CFL stadiums and do what we do, love the Canadian Football League and keep on going and stop worrying too much about the Toronto media and other Canadians who don’t like much about anything solely Canadian whatever it is, except of course the meal tickets they get with health care and our social assistance programs that they might need one day.

Damn it, I wish I could change the world. One day I’ll figure out a way to do it but until that time, I’ll just keep on buying my 24 every week and watching some great Canadian football action. :wink:

Pelley will be a loss when he leaves the Argos. I wish him the best and hope he stays in touch with the Argos and CFL, I can him one day maybe taking on the role of commissioner of the CFL.

In today's Toronto Star there's almost the exact same article, but the phrase "American wannabee" has been removed. I wonder why?

I noticed that too berezin. I'm sure Keith got under the skin of a few people with that comment however it was mean't to be taken.

...IF you look real close at the latest crap coming from the centre of the universe regarding the nfl connection to seems to stem from a few doughheads that are interested in making a pot-ful of cash at the CFLS' expense...and the reason they're so loud there right now is because the CFLS' big game is going to play there and they shudder when they see so much attention being paid to the Cup and all its festivities, It gives them the frightful picture of money literally flying out of their pockets....Seems some insecurites exist amongst these few ,in that they will never make the CFL , go away, which they constantly dream about...i say, too bad fellows your wannabe nfl dreams are just going to remain exactly that...KEEP DREAMIN' LOL LOL...AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN.... :lol: :lol:good statement Pelly...

pap, if this goes through I hope the NFL makes it so that a certain percentage of the profits have to go to the Argos/CFL. If this happens, I will respect the NFL for making this a condition of the game(s).