Argos Owner Had A Strong Quarter

BCE had a terrific quarter.

TORONTO -- BCE Inc. reported strong subscriber growth on Thursday, which company executives said were fuelled by Bell Canada's network improvements and new services.

It also added 36,399 internet-protocol TV subscribers during the quarter, bringing the total subscriber base of IPTV to 1.5 million.

i wonder how long before "Bell" is the kit sponsor for the Argonauts

"kit" ?


Probably when they start showing CFL games on CTV.

still think that is the CFL's most imperative move. get on OTA and a widely used streaming service.
too many lost viewers.

Agree with BOTH you and Dave.

anybody know the rules for Canadian Content in Canada with regards to sports?

SuperBowl ads for a 30 second time slotnets Bell $170,000 to $200,000. Now the CRTC has let DAZN into Canada and their Canadian content is ZERO!

Rogers selling Jays as Canadian Content? that's BS. I won't pick on any other sport but everyone gets the picture. Is there Canadian Content rules in Canada?

IF there are content rules then the CRTC has failed or been completely bought off. Rogers buys USports football and then doesn't show 1 game all season? Something wrong in Canada I think.

Don't know if the link will work but it shows the $170 to $200K per 30 sec time slot

BCEdid NOT increase the dividend. Thanks for nothin, JERKS !!!

Not sure where you're going with that. IPTV subscribers are a loss leader at this point.


BCE increases the Dividends, for their common shares, once a year.
Every so often they will throw in a 2nd increase. It did not happen in 2017.

Next quarter, the Dividend will likely increase to $0.76.
Anything below that is a disappointment.
Anything above that is a bonus.

Cuts to sports and other areas...

Bell Media confirms local radio and TV layoffs

Earlier this year I kicked Rogers to the curb for my TV and went to Bell. When Rogers asked me why I was switching I stated that one of my reasons was their terrible treatment of the Argos and the CFL in general and this is coming from a TiCat fan. One of the girls I spoke told me she understood completely, she a BC fan now in Windsor and was ashamed of their treatment.

Sorry if this a little off-topic. Just wanted to say I supported Bell and get in a shot at Rogers.

Not OT. Glad you shared it and good for you.

Considering BELL owns TSN, it makes sense to do something like this.

Agree. No upside to having local sportscasters.