Argos over Stamps. Great game

I don't see a game day thread so I'll start the talking. Pretty entertaining game, and it ends with a throw and onside kick play that was within inches of working. I thought the offensive PI call was the right call. Arthur was late getting there so he had to do the rub a little more obvious than normal. I wish they would call it more to be honest.

It helped that I was one of the few who picked the Argos to win in the vgcc. Now if Edmonton wouldn't have gotten that miracle of a win I'd be 3-0 so far.
Go Riders.

Wow, Ricky who? :o

Collaros looks like he can be the real deal in this league.

CFL officials lead Argos to win over Stamps. No call on the Glenn headshot; questionable PI. Pretty much a farce.

What are we going to do with Zach.
I know what I would do if I was the GM.
You have to protect Zach, he is what 9 years younger.

Definitely a good problem to have over in Argo land right now. Maybe try trading Ray to Winnipeg before the end of the season so you can at least get something for him?

And that’s why you’re a fan and not a GM.

Argo’s would be silly to not protect Ray. Ray still has plenty of years left in this league.

And the pass interference call was the correct one, but like Billy said, I wish they would call it more often as it happens several times a game. The Stamps were the beneficiaries of some non calls in some previous games which resulted in long TD pass and catches to Mo Price. Maybe that’s what prompted them to look a little closer for it?

Your first post…really? :lol: …umma gumma…ect.

RR is one Grey Cup from becoming the first starting QB to win four championships - ever. He is completing almost 80 per cent of his passes -- 80 friggin' per cent. His QB rating is out of this world. He is 34 years old, not even close to "old." And Collaros (in addition to having played all of about five pro games in his life) is a free agent at the end of this season, eligible to sign with the highest bidder. Sure he looks good, but you would seriously jettison RR for him? Seriously?

The only other way I can see out of this, is trade with Ottawa to not take either Zach or RR.
But I am afraid after showing his ability to be a top notch first stringer, I doubt Zach will want to be a back up here.
So yes trade RR for a top notch player and some high draft choices.

I do not doubt what you are saying, but also think of this two major injuries for Ricky the last two years.

RR is not even close to "injury prone." And he was having one of the greatest seasons in CFL history before he got hurt.

You simply don't jettison the guy who won you the Grey Cup in his first season, who has won three Grey Cups in his career, and who was having a season for the ages.

As for encouraging Ottawa not to draft Collaros -- why bother? He is a free agent after this season -- he can go wherever he wants. Collaros is going to want -- and to deserve -- a starting job somewhere next year. He definitely will not re-sign with Toronto unless RR unexpectedly retires immediately after the season.

Don’t forget RR was traded by Edmonton.
Zach is the real deal.

That worked out well for them, didn’t it?

No QB who has played all of five games can ever be judged as the real deal.

Well there are two young QB's that at this stage of their development are the real thing.
From all of the reports, Bo Levi will be protected in Calgary and he is younger at 23.
Zach is 25 and is only getting better with each game.

i have followed the CFL for a lot of years, but can someone explain the last play of the catch and punt into the endzone for the stamps trying to score please? thanks american fan

I think the “fumbles” by Zach would have made Argo fans say similar.

The game was reffed evenly.

If a player is behind any kicker (onside) the ball is live for them (that player). Look at it like a kickoff, or a punter trying to recover a kick.

I don’t know where these “reports” are coming from, but I tend to think this will be the case.
Calgary’s scenario seems pretty obvious…IMO anyways.
Argos can get a solid looking young guy and have a pile of cap space left open. Even in that, the Redblacks may not take Ray because of his salary…it is all about the strategy they want…build to win now, or build around a young guy. I like Ray, but if I am drafting there is a good chance I wouldn’t pick him up. I would rather put that money into a top notch line and a younger, cheaper QB.