Argos out, now grass no longer a priority @ Rogers Centre

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With #Argos out, all of a sudden growing natural grass at Rogers Centre now considered a pipe dream. Who would have predicted that? :wink: #CFL

CFL News ?@CFL_News
Couple of stories on natural grass growing at Rogers Centre being "deprioratized." ... p-priority … and ... e27815643/#CFL[/b]

It's for the best for the Argos. It's the TFC who will be miffed.

As long as fans keep flocking to the RC for the Blue Jays and the team plays as it did last year on turf, well why spend the money on grass I suppose.

When your laying off employees by the thousands...

I suspect grass was scrapped once Rogers figured it may cost upwards of $400 million in alterations to install.

..a shame as fans and players do not like false promises.... :smiley:

Ironically it's the Argos who'll be playing on natural grass next season! Rogers fought long and hard to keep the Argos out of BMO after evicting the team from Skydome. Grass is no longer a priority.

A lot of truth to this.

You have to scrape the bottom of hell to find a company like Rogers.

The moment Rogers gave eviction notice to the Argos and cited grass as the reason, we all knew they would do a 180 once the Argos were gone.

In their attempt to kill the Argos, they may inadvertently make them more popular than ever.

I don’t think the Jays will be in Toronto with in the next 10 years the feds now seem to have a policy no fund to pro sports teams which could also be a massive blow to Calgary.

I disagree. I hope you're right, tho. :rockin:

Well if you look at all Toronto sports stadiums and arena they all needed some public money one way or another.

Apparently the Skydome needs an expensive renovation???

Why would the Jays need any fed funding? why would Calgary need fed funding?
TD Place was all city/OSEG funding not one dime of federal money, the CTC was all private funding and the new Senators downtown arena on LeBreton flats will be private funding.
The past two upgrades to BMO have been all MLSE funding except for $10 m from the city.

As for grass at the RC, it was hugely expensive, it would mean the floor completely taken out, drainage and a new roof.
It would be cheaper to build a new baseball stadium.

The CFL should be the only pro league in Canada that should get some government help.

Rogers shouldn't spend a dime on their stadium since I think the Blue Jays fanbase is so gullible and "wanting" to want to be "in the bigs" as World Series champs, the Jays could play at a cow pasture and get the great attendance and viewership on TV that they get. Really.

A bit about BMO and a Winter NHL classic mixed in with some Grey Cup information. Personally if I was MLSE, and not speaking about financials with BMO since I don't have a friggin clue about economics or financials, I would have punched this stadium into the ground and built anew before spending all the millions they are into this stadium that still won't be "world class" as most Torontonians and "Toronto media types" will see it. But hey, onwards and upwards BMO goes :? What do I know? :


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I have no problem with that but non CFL fans would have a fit.

All in all from the pics and renderings of an updated BMO, BMO does look like it will a very nice stadium I would say.

Yup. It's the best of all worlds. Intimate. Great sight lines. Roof. Quality, committed owner(s). :thup:

...And above all else a natural grass playing surface! Teams will now have to pack their grass cleats on road trips to Toronto...with the Argos having the advantage of playing 10 games on grass...which is great for cutback runners. With Toronto getting it's football mojo back and the coaching changes, league interest is already leaps and bounds ahead of last off-season. Next year is shaping up to being an incredible experience across the league!