Argos or Riders? Which team will have more fans at Grey Cup?

Was thinking about this. Maybe it'll be a tossup since the Riders aren't in the game as we know of course and maybe some Rider fans will be looking to sell their seats. Even with this though I think it be about even. :wink:

maybe we should start a poll :smiley: :wink: :lol:

Rider fans sell their seats? Personally I think Rider fans are some of the most dedicated fans because they are CFL fans not just Rider fans. I doubt many would sell a Grey Cup ticket, it's still the Grey Cup regardless of who's there.

There will be far more Argo fans than Rider fans though. Toronto fans, with the exception of the Leafs, are world class bandwagon jumpers. 8)

Many people there will be simply football fans and those who want to take in a historical spectacle. Like me and my girlfriend, I bet plenty are flying in from the states.

I'm going with the Argos, because Rider fans can't vote for their favorite seat 50 times a day on the TSN website. :stuck_out_tongue:

Myself as well, basically irrelevant for me who is in the game as much of course I’d wish the Cats to be in it but you’re there for the championship game Grey Cup.

All the rider fans I know are cheering for the argos... So I guess it's one in the same this grey cup

There will be more Argo fans, no doubt.

I would suspect there may be more Argo fans, but there will probably be more visible Rider fans. That is how it looked to me through my green tinted glasses last year for Lions vs Riders fans even though it was in BC.

I know I'll be there in my green gear on Thursday. Can't wait.

I hope they Stampede all over Matt Black on Sunday and that Adriano Belli teaches this guy a lesson...


It will be a toss-up with as many Green jerseys as Argo Blue.
Having said that it is great for the CFL for Toronto to qualify this year. Torontonians celebrate one of our greatest national treasures (Grey Cup tradition) and get out and support all the activities all week. Have a great time all who are going and be the best hosts you can be Torontonians!!!! :rockin: :thup: 8)

Toronto will be what Toronto wants it to be. They have so much money they could buy all the tickets from everyone.

But alas, Rogers Communications would rather provide the money to the US of A and support the US of A's rather than their own country. Well, Phil Lind would not want it any other way, right Phil? :?

And people, Canadians at that, are glorifying Rogers for bringing the NFL to Canada. Phil Lind would not have it any other way, he hates anything Canadian but cloaks himself in the "maple leaf" with Blue Jays maple leaf on the team's hats and jersey's but brings the Bills to Toronto at the same time. What a two faced piece of sh....t......ttt

Phil, we get it, you are all about money and nothing more. But you're a complete disgrace to Canada, however, you are very easy to read as a piece of sh.....t..