It's not official, but I can't see them going through this process plus involving the CFL for zero reward?

And if the Bills prices aren't bad enough, it appears Argo management is about ready to ask new wannabe season ticket holders to bend over.

A quick look on the Argo website for season ticket prices state that the price range for new (not existing) season ticket holders for 2008 will be looking at paying anywhere between $300 and $700 for their season ducats.

As someone who saw his season tickets jump up to $172 for 2008, if this will be a glimpse as to what season tickets will cost everyone in 2009 (I'd be in the $300 range), the Double Blue will have at least one less renewal come then.

Lets see I'm visiting relatives in Vancouver next December, Should I go to an NFL game in Seattle for $80.00. Or should I wait two more weeks when Im also in Toronto visiting friends and pay $250.00 to see the Bills play in Toronto. :? :?

Such a tough decision. Its no wonder I am confused all the time! :roll: :roll: :roll:

:lol: :lol: :lol: I am packing my backs the world is going to end.

OH wow. YOu guys are like a bunch of old women.
Is this forum run by the CFL or a few Rough Rider fans?
I mean if it were up to you guys all we'd see is threads about GAiner the Gopher.

Well, since Gainer is the mascot of the Roughriders, I would seriously doubt that a bunch of Rough Rider fans would talk about him all that much...but what do Rider fans have to do with anything in this thread?

$250 a pop to see the Bills? No offence, but that is pretty pricey to watch a non-playoff team. I wonder who they will play, because I highly doubt that you will see a divisional game in Toronto. Maybe the Arizona Cardinals or the Saints(Aints). Even the Raiders are also-rans. Either you are going to see a boring game, or watch the Bills get clobbered by a superior team.

I could see them playing a divisional game... just no way in hell it'll be against the Patriots.

Oh that's gonna spike ticket sales: Dolphins vs. Bills from Toronto. The main selling point is the outdoor elements at Ralph Wilson. Sticking it indoors at the RC will totally kill the atmosphere.

Now that you brought it up, I think Gainer is kind of cute! :lol: :lol: :lol: And I'm NOT a RIDER fan! :lol:

According to the Fan590, The Ti-Cats have opted out of any arrangement to be involved in this plan.

the ONLY way id buy tickets to this bills game in toronto.....

if they PLAYED the ARGOS with canadian pay $250 to see the argos beat thier asses.

Well said DG, I agree with you.

The Ti-Cats aren't giving the Bills their season ticket lists for nothing? How very un-Canadian!