On the eve of the final renewal of my Argo season tickets, I just heard Bob McCown on Fan 590/Sportsnet state how the Argos will be part of the announcement
next Wednesday when the Bills 8 games over the next five will take place.
The NFL wanted the Argos and Cats to be part of it and for this, a combination of 25,000 season ticket holders will get first opportunity for the 3 pre season games and 5 regular season games.
Here is the but, the median ticket price will be a whopping $250.00 and you have to buy all up front for the five year in duration.
How many will buy at this astronomical rate?

Corporate Toronto will snap them up. The wannabees will snap them up.

Personally if that happened in BC tomorrow, I would pass and take my chances on the walk up, or when individual tickets go on sale.

I fail to see how this will help the Argos? The Bills siphoning off $2500 from football fans budgets from the next five seasons? Why are the Argos allowing the Bills access to their season's ticket lists???

Because the first priority for tickets will go to Buffalo Bill ticket holders, Argo and Ticat ticket holders. So fans not wanting to be left to fight it out over the last 15-20,000 tickets (which would probably be in the 500 level) will be forced to buy Argo or Ticat tickets. This way the Argos benefit because they get more revenue from an increase in ticket sales. Desperate NFL fans will also buy Argo tickets in order to guarantee themselves the opportunity to buy the best tickets for the NFL game.

This set up would be the ONLY way a CFL team could ever last in Toronto if the NFL came to town.

Interesting take there EastVan. But wow, that's a high average price per ticket. Toronto's chance to show it wants an NFL team now.

As a Cats season ticket holder and maxed out personally for sports entertainment, I'll be passing on this "offer", thank you very much. But I wonder if any Argos or Cats season ticket holders will be approached by some NFL-only fans in the area and say buy the Bill's tickets for me, I'll pay, and I'll give you a present of some sorts? If someone shows me the present beforehand, I might be tempted.

I expect corporate sponsorship for the Argos will decrease dramatically due to this "deal with the devil". As a CFL fan I am sickened by the Bills being welcomed with open arms to come to Toronto & damage both the Argos & the 'Cats.

I don't quite see it that way gil, Argos and Cats season ticket holders get first crack and, as well, Argos, Cats and CFL will be mentioned as part of this tomorrow at SB address day by Goodell. I think it's all good publicity really. You might be right that some companies will jump ship and spend on the Bills only now, I don't know though.

Also, I read in todays newspaper that the game will take place in December, well after the CFL season is over.

But, I'm sure the doomsday sayers will be predicting the end of the world as we know it! :roll: :roll:

Are you thinking the name berezin Sporty by any chance? :wink:

I'd never point fingers! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Maybe I'll create a Doomsday post of my own! :lol:

Don't you undestand the purpose of forums?
Its to discuss issues.
The CFL folding thread was to discuss if teh bashers were right in their prediction.
Which I said would never happen.
But its the off season, and it was a post I made to draw interest. Which it did.
If you and a couple of the others who have sent me messages can't understand that, then thats your problem.
Not mine.

I'm the same. I couldn't care less about the Bills, so why would I waste money on them? I'm just glad I'm not a ticker holder (curse T.O. and Hamilton being so far), so I'm not really missing out. But you have to feel for the fans who will miss out.

I wonder if Godfrey & Rogers will give the Bills preseason games prescedent over the Argos...who already have 3 week stretches during the season when the stadium is unavailable? But I guess this is "helping" the Argos too, so going a month between home games will not an issue for Argo/Bills fans.

The theory that football fans will flock to buy Argo season tickets so they have the opportunity to buy $250 seats to a Bills preseason game, featuring mainly scrubs who couldn't make a CFL practice squad, five years in the future? This is really hard to believe. But I guess there is one born every minute. :lol:

What I hope will happen out of this, or just happen, is that the Argos will eventually move to BMO when it is expanded to 25,000-30,000 seats. And Peddie has basically said this will happen as long as support for TFC continues to build as it is.

wow, this is horrible. 2, 500 dollars for crappy team, and for 8 games? 3 are pre season. you are a fool if you purchase this.

I am glad you see a silver lining Earl. I recall Leo Cahill stating in 1976, the year MLB announced the Jays were coming to Toronto, "That things will never be the same". I see this as being a fight for sports $$ that the Argos & 'Cats can't win.

wow, this is horrible. 2, 500 dollars for crappy team, and for 8 games? 3 are pre season. you are a fool if you purchase this.
Yep, especially if all the games are on local TV. I guess the Buffalo TV station will still be the home broadcaster. But what city will they blackout if the games don't sellout? Buffalo or Toronto?? Or will Ted blackout the entire country??? Remember, $2500 will be the median price (incl. taxes,ect), but lower bowl tickets will cost much more than that. I can't see many "Buffalo" Bills fans flocking to Toronto at those rates.

The best part about this gil is that now there will be a big difference between the cost of going to an Argos or Cats game compared with a Bills game. If the Bills continued to play all there games in Buffalo with the average ticket price of $47 I've heard, then people will say hey, the Bills are a good bargain in Buffalo. Now they see first hand that the NFL in Toronto will be expensive, especially in the smaller Rogers Centre with less seating. I know personally the moment I read the pricing that my Cats seasons tickets are reasonably priced compared with the Bills Toronto tickets. And I don't much care for going across the border to watch the Bills in the boonies in Orchard Park so it makes me feel the Cats tickets are reasonably priced. I like that.

How about also the fact that the Argos are getting a percentage of the gross take for the games to include their promotional involvement.
After all they are providing the season ticket holders and likewise maybe even the Cats may see some sheckels going their way.
If this happens, I am not totally against this and especially as being out of season way in December.

they are getting a cut???