Argo's OR Bombers!?

I was thinking today! WHO would I rather see fair half decent enough to make the playoffs!
The rival ARGOS with a rookie head coach, the Blue bombers and the Kelly clown show OR would you like to see a cross over and nether make the playoffs!?
I do not want to see a cross over, having 2 west teams in the GC IMO would be brutal!
I hafta go with our rival's ARGO'S!, I've been taught to hate them! But this year with mike Kelly! I hope the bombers Bomb the rest of the games they play. I want the official and ONLY rocket Sergent be kicked from the CFL! IMO
Plus playing the double blue in the playoff's would be a FUN game

The Bombers. we have a better chance against them than the Blows

We probably don't have a choice, the Argos are looking stronger. Their defense has shut us down and Pickett gets stronger each week, they've picked up some good receivers. Getting an all-star kick returner back from the NFL doesn't help either!!

Some of this is why I chose a crossover. I just can't bring myself to wish either the Argos or Bombers make the playoffs. I JUST CAN'T I TELL YOU.....I CAN'T. DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE!!!!!

Spies. Anything that maximizes Toronto's pain is fine by me. :wink:

Plus, seeing the steam rise from Clown's head, only to be surpassed by the steam from his ears after the third Bish armpunt, would be a sweet November moment. I think that a crossover is a likelier scenario, IMHO.

Oski Wee Wee,


I worry about the Argos. They are improving all the time and getting back Dorsey is going to be a good lift for them. The QB has a big effect on how good the offensive line looks. Quick reads and quick passes result in minimal sacks and makes the O line look good. Picket does a good job at that. The Argo D is solid. To sum it up, I see an Argo Hamilton semi final in the east

Doesn't matter who we plat as long as we are playing

I really don't care if it's Toronto or Winnipeg. I still can't accept the idea of a crossover (eg Winnipeg vs BC in the Eastern Final).