Argo's OR bombers

So as we know the bombers and Toronto go head to head next week, I'm just wondering if you had to cheer on one team who would it be and why. Its such a hard choice for me. I think id choose Toronto over Peg, because they have been kind of flying low on the radar. Plus there head coach seems to be a decent guy. I really liked his " this isn't the WWE" comment to belli. Sure he can be a little lost at times with the CFL rules and changes, but i have a feeling he will become a good coach! I want peg to loose, just because its fun to watch Kelly loose his cool, and the bombers fans seem to be alot more cocky then argo fans!

I'd rather the Bombers lose to be honest, they still need to be knocked down a few Pegs (no pun intended) from where they think they are, and I can't stand Mike Kelly AT ALL. I'd become an Argo fan quicker than a Bomber fan as long as Kelly's still their coach.

they have a home and home, playing each other 2 straight weeks, so im hoping they split the series and then they will both be 2-3

Most of the talk and comments keep rollin in on the Ti-Cats site. :thup: I'll stick with the Blue Bombers, no given reason other than they played Calgary in the first game I ever watched live in the mid sixties. And for the record they did beat the Edmonton Eskimo's 50-11 in my first Grey Cup game that I went to back in 1990. Back then the Eskies were the enemy over the years, but as of now live in Alberta North makes Calgary is the enemy. Go Esk's Go.........yikes next up Sask.

Im hoping the bombers lose everytime they play, their offensive system is the one dark cloud on the cfl this season

Bombers of course. LMAO

Spies vs. Evil Incarnate? I cannot think of any scenario where I would root for Toronto. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,


I hate them equally. well not is the argos after all..

and im not even going by which team i dislike the most, im just thinking that if one team wins both, then that team would be 3-2, so its better for us if they split it and they're both below .500 at 2-3.

I'd rather see the Bombers win.

Although I dislike both teams and actually have a bit of respect for the Argo's head coach... but I'd still rather see the Bombers win because the Argo's have beat the Ticats already so they've proved that they can beat us. So the more L's the better. I think Winnipeg has a MAX of 3 wins this year as it is... not a threat at all.

I don't either one so how about a tie.. They get 1 Point Each and we stay ahead of them

I think it depends whether you are an optimist or a pessimist.

If you are an optimist, you hope we will compete for 1st or 2nd in the division, and you want them to split their games to prevent either of them from finishing ahead of us.

If you are a pessimist, you worry that we will be battling just to stay out of the basement, and you want one of them to bury the other to help ensure that the losing team gets pushed deeper below us in the standings.

I can think of one time Oski....if we needed the Argos to win a game to gain a playoff spot. Then and only then...


wow i never really looked at that way, but i think i'll stll be an optimist.

I'd have to call Pessimist on this one. Would love to see either team beaten into the dirt. Preferably Argo's though :smiley:

Hamilton, Toronto and Winnipeg will likely battle erachother all the way, so we're kinda battling both for 2nd and top stay out of the basement at this point.

There is that and there's also the fact that we are currently in 2nd place and if we the Blue team wins and we don't they will be "ahead" of us in 2nd because they beat us. We beat the Bombers so if they win and we don't we'd still be "ahead" of them. :smiley:

true it has its limitations, but they have put points up playing from under center, if they add a 5 and 6 reciever set (shotgun) they will have something to go to when the tight package is shut down, IMHO they will lead cfl in rushing yds in 2009 Dont like the Ticats going with a NO motion set Unless they planned to have Porter set up for Glen in second Half,. :rockin:

I'd like to see both of them score zero points in each of their remaining games. 0-0 in games between them suits me fine.

I don't think you are going to see much scoring in either of the games. I can see a couple 16-9 or 9-6 games. The Argos have been able to put up points but vs SSK, they were in garbage time.

I hope they split the games or tie both.

Congrats cats... ive been busy the last few days havent been able to get in any post game discussion, and this hamilton forum is so busy with so many topics i didnt know which one to put this in!!! but yes just wanted to say good game, you guys were the better team saturday and as of right now are easily the 2nd best in the east. toronto and my bombers have some work to do... its a shame our offense (mostly qb and playcalling) are so bad cuz our defence looks as good as any right now!

good win and good luck in mtl