Argos Opened the upper deck partially

Great job! I've done around 40. Oskee wee wee! And I agree


Well they do have to pay for the team they bought and the added coaches so......................

Cheers! Some are a bit foggy. Especially after achieving legal drinking age

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Thanks. Some of the best were seen from the old wooden seats in the end zone at Ivor Wynne . Two bucks for face value ticket or 99 cents from your local IGA grocery store


Sight-lines are better in the upper deck

Well first off they didn't really open the entire upper deck it appears they only opened the first few rows and are asking premium prices .

Field level are 260 .

They don't charge more for the nose bleeds and they should have opened it all up with all price points in the upper deck they were on a roll .

So here it is 1054 a.m. on a wed morning , ticketmaster shows no tickets to buy for the final on sunday except overpriced ones in the upper east deck . WTF ,
People are clammering to buy reasonably priced tickets and not a one availalbe, because the powers to be have not opened up the rest of the upper east side incompetence.

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Ticketmaster has become very sketchy. I would not be surprised if you see plenty of tickets available in the lower level by Friday. I've seen them do this plenty of times where they show seats not available to try and make people think that tickets are going fast and then they release seats all over the stadium. Hopefully I'm wrong because it would be great to see a full stadium. those players deserve it.

They opened up more tickets mid-field rows 10-15 costing 62.50 which is more reasonable.

I'm glad they keep opening more tickets and at more reasonable prices, but their strategy for releasing is odd. I think it would've been wiser to first open up all upper deck seats between the 35-yard lines. The upper seats there will provide a much better vantage point than lower seats at the goal line. If I'd bought expensive goal line seats because nothing was available around midfield, I wouldn't be happy that there are now better seats available for less.

I agreed those goal line seats should be priced in line with the lower bowl (30 range). They would be gone by now they would be selling higher up.
I guess MLSE is trying to max out as much $$ as they can

I wonder who owns the revenue from this game , mlse may have bought it from the cfl as it would have been a league game to start with , if the league hung onto it , that may have been a good decision by the looks of things.

Has to be the teams that book the revenue. Playoff games are the gravy for the home team which is the real big picture advantage that they care about.

If the CFL is grabbing a disproportionate share of revenue it is one more reason to bring on the Maple League and hit restart with a player and fan friendly focus. Same old, same old is getting old.

As it is they are bound by the CBA for the players playoff money and give out a trophy as the grand prize. After all these years they should give the winning team $1,000,000. They are smart.

You want Finland's Maple League to expand into Canada?

IIRC, Canadian QB Chris Merchant plays in that league, so maybe it would work.


All season long it would have looked and felt more professional if they tarped .

sections 203, 204 ,205 ..... 209 ,210, 211 .... on one side with Argo Logos

Then the other side section 226 , 227 , 219 and 220 than to just remove one whole swath of red seats in a huge upper deck that faces the TV side for both live and TV viewers .

Now it's hard to cover up only 6 k or 10 k but at least with 15 or 18 k the stadium would have felt comfortably pro level and more immersive with better positive atmosphere .

You can grow that out nicely by removing a tarp or two slowly .

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The subtle release of lower level tickets they most likely are player/employee tickets that are no longer being held back for family and friends .

I was wondering about that myself.

FYI just for comparison purposes the tickets I had. For last week's semi-final in row 19 of the upper deck right at midfield on the east side at Tim Hortons field were $58 each. The first 15 or so rows in the midfield sections were $75 each. Prison for seats down near the goal lines were $46 towards the top of the sections and I believe $52 or $53 in lower 10 to 15 rows.

I was glad to have all that pricing information so I could choose the $58 seats right at midfield as been the best value. So the poster who made the point about having to buy something at $86 down near the gpal line and then finding out something cheaper became available in row 10 at midfield has a good point. Also I do like the sightlines from the upper deck. better too. This was my view through the snow that I had from those upper Deck row 19 seats.

And just on a personal note thanks to the many of you
Who reached out to me over t he summer when I suddenly and unexpectedly went totally blind in my left eye and lost alot of the vision in my right eye. I've always had trouble explaining what it is I see through my right eye right now. But when I saw this picture of what the far stands looks like in the picture through the snow that's probably not far off from what my vision through my right eye is to something 10 -15 ft away from me on a perfectly clear day.

Fortunately I have discovered that looking through binoculars ,,,- well through one eye of the binoculars LOL I can somewhat still follow the play. And I love the atmosphere of a live sporting events too much to let this stop me from attending games now.


A tweaked version with an emphasis on fan friendly but the same three down football. All the constitutional stuff is in place.

I see the upcoming CBA as a major turning point for the CFL game and would like to think the CFLPA could have an alternative group to negotiate with given the expiration of the current deal with the CFL. It's been pretty one sided to this point with the status quo.

It is an ambitious plan with potential imo.

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Fantastic,though someone says they closed it?