Argos Opened the upper deck partially

They did it .

It looks like Argos opened the upper deck for the East final .

Nice to see there will be a crowd for the game .


That is fantastic news I must add.


The only thing weird is all the first seats they are selling across the entire upper deck is 86.50 .

Very odd price point considering down lower it is half the price same yard marker .

Not sure what is going on with that .

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Any word on the status of John White or DJ Foster?

Assuming they will play but have not seen or heard any news.

I noticed that too.

Mid field seats will sell at that price but anything outside of the 30s are overpriced. They'll be resales somewhere.

Hopefully that's an input error. Otherwise, good to see it opened up

They just closed it again about 10 minutes ago. My guess is they're fixing the pricing error

At this point I would say D.J. Foster will be in the line-up.

Great to see the upper deck opened up. IMO the game should already be soldout (full stadium) considering its Toronto v Hamilton. 28k between the 2 cities should be a guarantee.

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That’s more like it...should be a lot of Cats fans there....maybe as many as Argos fans. Should be a good game.


I'm sure 3/4 of the stadium will be Ticat fans.


Should make for a great atmosphere. And to be fair…the Argo fans who continue to go to the games are a loud bunch and engaged in the game


Let’s say the glass is half full, as well as the stadium is with Argo fans.
I’m a glass half full guy. Except when it’s my glass and it’s beer.

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If you've ever gone to a Labour Day Classic or a Banjo Bowl (Bombers vs Riders) you'll hear cheers and boos at the same time all game long. It IS fun. :smiley: :+1:

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I have noticed that watching games on TV. The noise in BMO seems greater than the number of people at the game.

I remember back when we would be hearing news that the Alouettes were opening the upper deck of Olympic Stadium for the East Final after tickets surpassed the 30,000 mark and ended up just under 60,000 for the game and same for BC Place opening the REST of the upper deck to accommodate the 50,000 + fans expected to attend to now being excited when the Argos open up another 8000 seats so that hopefully the crowd can get to 25,000.
Sign of the state of things in this league


There are discounts out there. One was from r/CFL in Reddit. Another from another poster.

Got my section 107 pair of seats for $50.86 all in!

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It's opened again but prices still bad at 86 across the board considering the lower sections etc... .

Do they want to sell tickets by making it reasonable or are they asleep at the wheel .

Lot's of time to sell more tickets and have it full .

C'mon Argos .

They're only selling the first 5 rows or so too. I can see a premium on seats near the front row.

Hopefully if sales go well, the next rows are consistent with the lower bowl equivalent.

Per post above, the reddit offer applies to the upper bowl too so it's possible to get them for about 26.00 each


I’ve been to about 50 Labour Day Classics. Nothing like it!


50? Wow that beats me. My friend Phil tries to catch the games in Regina too but I don't think he's hit 50 game mark yet.

Well done Superfan TCSmitty! :smiley: :+1: