Argos Onside Punt Attempt

The commentators failed to pick it up, but the Argos tried an onside punt attempt during their bombing of the Bombers last weekend. They lined up three recievers behind Prefontaine while he pooched it 30 yards or so. He should have given it more hang time as his onside recievers didn't have time to get downfield to the ball. I hope we see more of these rugby style games incorporated into the CFL.


As a new CFL fan and Rugby League (Not Union) nut i agree you are already way way way ahead of the NFL in terms of open play and entertainment and this would even add to it.


Ive actually seen it attempted various times this year, as well as a few times on field goals.

I've seen it a bunch of times myself, but never with three onside recievers.

Anyone know how far the punt has to travel before the onside players can attempt to recover it?

It has to travel far enough for a first down. If its 3rd and 9....It needs to go nine yards, 3rd and 25, 25 yards.

In that case, there are only a limited number of opportunities where it can be done. Just outside of field goal range but in the opponents side of half...

In case you misunderstood I gave the minimum yards required.

I got it.

If a team was in their own end, they would want to punt it the maximum yardage possible, and it they were in field goal range, than try for the points. But between the 50 yard lines, it might be a trick play that could be used once and a while...

You see it a few times a year.

Not the first time this has been botched.

Prefontaine didn't get enough hang time on his kick and he kicked it straight down the field. It also was very obvious to Winnipeg as Prefontaine was waving the guys back to make sure they were behind him.
If the Argos are going to try this in the future, they should practice a more subtle approach as well as kick the ball high and down the sideline to give the onside guy a chance to retrieve it.

I thought it only needed to go 10 yards past the line of scrimmage. I'll see if I can find clarification, you are usually right on these things.

Not quite. As long as it crosses the line of scrimmage, if an onside player recovers it it's a first down.
If an onside player recovers it behind the line of scrimmage, then he has to advance far enough to gain a first down.

Here it is directly from the rule book:


Article 8 – Recovery Of Own Kick

The kicker or an onside player may recover the kick across the line of scrimmage, in which case the ensuing down shall be first down whether or not the original yardage has been gained.

Following such recovery by the kicker or an onside player, a player of the kicking team may interfere with an opponent provided that contact is made only above the waist of the opponent.

Article 9 – Kick That Fails To Cross Line Of Scrimmage

When a ball kicked from scrimmage fails to cross the line of scrimmage and is recovered by an onside player of the kicking team, the series of downs shall not be interrupted unless after recovery, the yardage required for a first down is gained.

If touched by offside player:
PENALTY: Ball awarded to opponent at point ball touched, or option.

If touched by offside player in own Goal Area:
PENALTY: Ball awarded to opponent at 10-yard line, or option.

BLOODY HELL I am new to this game English guy living in France

Can U translate, this for me!!!!!!



What exactly do you need explained?