argos on top

Best Argo performance as a team since 1997,wonderful to watch.
Next stop the Grey cup.

The Argos looked really good vs. Montreal. If I had to make a prediction for the Grey Cup game i'd say Edmonton vs. Toronto.

sry clicked it too many times


The western team is now Saskatchewan

Make way for the Green Machine and 2005 Eastern Champion Saskatchewan Roughriders!

I hope you don't think that SASK. , would get many votes here?

Wouldn't he be surprised if Ottawa pulled off the unbeleivable and won their last two games?

nothing surprizes me , in the CFL...that is why I love it.

Gades would have to win last 2 games but Riders would still have to lose to the Lions for the Gades to get into playoffs.

Unbelievable. 3 people think that the 'riders are going to get past the Alouettes and the Argonauts. They've barely put one game together this season where they played sixty minutes!

You'll be seeing double blue fromt the East.

The same double blue that got smoked by the Riders and barely beat them by 1 point at home?

esks are the best team out of all of them