Argos on the rocks off field, too

Argos on the rocks off field, too
DAVID NAYLOR From Tuesday's Globe and Mail

October 27, 2008 at 10:03 PM EDT

This is where the idea that Pinball was 'throwing Adam Rita under the bus' started.

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The Fan590 Prime Time Sports

Michael "Pinball" Clemons CEO, Toronto Argonauts

with Bob McCown & Stephen Brunt
Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

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Pinball's explanation regarding Stubler becoming Head Coach is very clear
because owners and football operations people were sitting around a table.

Pinball struggled to explain what happened after he took phone calls
from Tillman regarding Kerry Joeseph and from Mike Vanderjagt's agent

but he maintains he wasn't an advocate for either of these situations

Here's all I have to say:


and for once it's not us.

The Cats have a solid foundation to build off of. The Argos are going to be bad for the next 3-5 years.

They have no head coach to lead a young group of guys. They have a DC (Reed) who is a lame duck right now.

The have an old qb in age and look (Joseph)

The have a very old MLB (O'Shea)

Their defense is weak and old.

They have a kicker who has been hot and cold.

They don't have a lot of young guys to build upon for the future.

Their QB situation is a mess. I would get rid of Joseph and Pickett and look for a reject from another team, Printers / Williams / Crandall, etc.

We aren't going to be the laughingstock of the league anymore!!!!

If I was Stubler whose D suffered from a pop gun offence led by Bishop, I'd want a new QB. So I believe Pinball on that one--that it was Stubler who wanted another QB to lead the team. As for other player moves like Prefontaine and Vanderjagt, my guess is that Rita was the guy making the calls and pulling the strings.

I listened to Pinball on the FAN590 a few weeks ago with Bob McKown and he kept referring to the clear and separate responsibilities of everyone in the front office. So on the football operations side of things, it looks like Rita and Mohns are the guys in charge. On the other hand, maybe Pinball was blowing smoke.

I agree that the Argos are in a mess. The front office is rudderless. The HC should be collecting his pension--the fire is gone. Key guys like O'Shea, Wheaton, Folk, St. John, Vanderjagt and even KJ are old. Bruce III is a free agent. Burrato is a cement head and Reed not much better.

The real problem is that the Bills can take advantage of this situation and take over a real share of the TO market. The CFL needs a strong team in TO, now more than ever and unfortunately, this Argo team is one of the worst ever.

An Argo-Cat fan

If Bruce is a free agent and Hamilton cuts or trades Printers, I could see Hamilton going after Bruce hard.

Sure barney, we always hear the CFL needs a strong team in Toronto and especially now with the Bills coming. Hey, so friggin what, I don't care and I'm sick of this saying that the CFL lives or dies with a strong team in Toronto! Sick of it. This is a league like any other league and may the best team win or the team that wins the most. No one should be doing any favours for anyone else unless it benefits their team in the long run.

Toronto is going to have to do what we all have to do, try to get things right. They've got great owners and things start at the top even though the top might not be football people but know how to get people, the right people, to get things done. Look at the Tampa Bay Rays, what were they, last place last year I think? And did MLB fall in a hole because the Red Sox or Yanks weren't representing the American league? No. Ratings not as good but the league keeps going.

Pinball must be practicing for his soon-to-be political career. He sure sounds like a politician in the “Globe” article (he is basically saying the Argo mess is not his fault). Get the lawn signs printed up.

On the McCowan show Pinball (who I think is awesome....the only Argo that I like) said that he had coached when his starting QB went down, and advocated keeping Bishop.
He also said that the Argos training staff would not give Noel Pre a passing grade on his physical.
The timing was right when Mike Vanderjwhatever's agent called the Argos, and they decided to deal Pre.