Argos on ESPN

Here it is.. Ricky retires and you dump the rest of the qbs. You give Hamilton a load of draft picks and then sign Manziel, Griffin and Kapernik. You pay them all 200k, but then ESPN or maybe even HBO or Showtime pays them untold millions on top. You have a weekly one hour show called , "Resurection" and go directly into Argos training camp with unfiltered access. Other players and ciaches would all recieve 10 dollars for e every second their image was shown on screen, and another 20 bucks if they were doing an an interview. You could for instance do a one or two minute blurb on Popp and pay him1200 bucks for it.
Obviously, yhe main story would be the three QBs battling out it out for the starters position.
If this was even a moderate hit in the US, it woild give people in TO that warm fuzzy feeling of American validation. The park would be packed.Franchise saved.

There's been a lot of dumb ideas posted on here. This one is the worst.

Why is Drake popular to the point of being bigger than god in TO? Its because he is accepted in the US.
The CFL has no relevance in TO because no one in the States gives a darn about it. You get Johnny Crackhead ,and KaperkneelerF as well RGIII on the same team. It would all go off the charts.

Just change the name to Toronto Americans and the Trona lemmings will show up at CFL games

What if ESPN went all in and sent their own brodcast crew in and televised all 20 Argo games on their main network. They could play the reality show before the game and then repeat it after the game. The reality show could follow the three stars home on the Argos Bye week.
The show could go behind the scenes of the Argos and show how the team is trying to reconnect with its fans.. The show could be 26 hour long episodes with a other 60 plus hours of game action. ESPN could do the whole thing for less than 30 million dollars. They spend close to that on one NFL game.

…don’t think we’re at the stage (or ever will be) where prostituting the CFL product to yanks is necessary…

But its ok to let Drake and Lebron raise the cup over their heads even though they never played a single down.

What the heck are you rambling about?

Letting fans touch the cup is one thing..Picking it up and raiseing it should be reserved to only those that earn the right.

...I’m looking at someone that needs to go and it ain’t Braley

Thr UFC was worth 6 million dollars in 2005. In 2006, the UFC introduced a reality show and its popularity exploded. Last year the UFC sold for 4 billion dollars.

The CFL needs to get with the times ASAP. Its fan demographics all skew old. In 20 years the CFL will literally have no fans left. They will all be dead or in nursing homes.

You got that right RedandWhite!

Lol. You're a funny guy.
Clueless. But funny.

The way you refer to how you think the CFL works makes me wonder if you're in a nursing home.

And this is relevant to CFL how exactly?

Colin can’t wait to sign for $200k to maybe be a starter in the CFL ?

I find it funny that anyone thinks we care about those 3 down here in the States...

Sorry, we are not taking this guy serious are we ?

The post sounds like a joke , just to see who would fall for it.

No, not buying it.

Way to far fetched .

That's ok, bring some more DB new guy .

It is a long off season, so BS is a good way to kill some time.

Again, hope the Mods kick him out.

The Argos should be on ESPN2 every Sat. or Sunday night in the summer. Make them America's team with featured match-ups every weekend promoted continent-wide. In that limelight, Toronto football fans would stand up and be noticed. Schedule a consistent time, i.e. Saturday night @ 7:00 pm or Sunday 5:30 pm, for example. Fans across N.A. would be able to follow the Argos and their local college heros in the most exciting brand of football on the planet! Plus we stand for our anthem here.