Incase you have wondered who Bruce13thMan really is, for those that don't know, he is on the back of this bus wearing the #88 Jersey "Even had a couple of Lines" , with his Ti-Cat Tv Debut, along with some of the 13thFamily! Had a great time doing this! Thanks Jordan for asking me to be part of it!

[url=] ... edggObCq2M[/url]

Loved it. Any chance for Oscar consideration? :smiley:

That is awesome. Love the end with the other team articles in the trash!

TIGERS ON A BUS!!!!!! NO F---ING AR---S ALLOWED!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: GOOD JOB 13th MAN :thup:

Those busses are very cool!
Going to use one for my cover photo on Facebook, very sweet indeed!

GREAT Video, GREAT Time!!! Thanks Jordan! :smiley: