Argos official new owners Bell Media & Kilmer Group

Its not MLSE.
Thought it was time to start a new with who the owners are.
Just like Rogers own the Jays and RC separate of MLSE so does Bell and Kilmer Group with Argo's
Official turnover is stated as December 31, 2015

And I was wrong, thought it would be MLSE but in many respects, it's better it's not since I think decision making will be easier with the 2 groups with one group not Rogers whose motivations could have been very suspect. Bell won't have to worry about Rogers around just as Rogers does have to worry about Bell with MLSE and vica versa. MLSE is a very messy setup.

Yes, I guess a new thread is warranted as we're now past the 'final' stage....and hopefully the last thread on this topic.

Great day of the CFL and the Argos all around though with Bell and Kilmer not officially taking over until the end of the year, does their contract so to speak with MLSE for marketing etc...take into the effect the same time?

Hoping this won't be a lame duck year despite the bright future.

Mighty, think of it along the lines of the Cats playing in Guelph for a year and some at Mac last year and then in an uncompleted THF. The key is time rolls on, a transition period to get to the new ‘new’ sort of thing.

I guess that's the best consolation indeed. :thup:

Still guessing a 2016 Grey Cup announcement will be next, give the event it's own stage and kick off the campaign to fill BMO well before the first kickoff.

The Argo and the Leafs can work together on determining parade routes. :cowboy:

What happens during a Leafs outdoor game at BMO and if the ice is soft and the blades go through and cut up the field? Hopefully it'll be in the same divot as an Argo divot, or TFC divot for that matter, so it'll be easier to fix afterwards, the ground crews will be used to that divot spot and have it all mapped out. :stuck_out_tongue:

MLSE will be managing and operating the team though.

This is terrible news... So Braley will continue to run this team into the ground for another season ? This is unbelievable!!! I thought that they were going to take over this season and sell a lot of seats at the crapdome by giving new ticket holders priority at the new stadium..Braley does not give a crap now and is going to run a smaller skeleton staff than he already does.. Can you say 5000 fans at Argo games? This is going to be line with the Expos final season.. Instead of playing games in Puerto Rico, it is going to be Ft. Mac... Frickin Braley just can't let go....

I must admit I'm surprised that the ownership change doesn't close until the end of the year.

I think it has to do with Bell & the Kilmer group not wanting to be tenants to Rogers. This too shall pass.

Congrats to the Argoooooooooooos! :thup:

Have you looked into medication for your depressive tendencies?

Everything is a freakin' disaster to you.


That didn't take long :roll:

If you remember when S&C were putting 30k into the dome, they did it on the premises that Argo season ticket holders would get priority in the new proposed stadium at York.. I honestly thought we we be seeing 25k at the dome this year and was angry at Braley for dicking around giving Bell less time to sell tickets. Now its just going to be a lame duck season played in front of family and friends... Its going to be even more pathetic than last season

Handing out a ridiculous amount of freebies no doubt helped.

According to Howard Sokowlski, the highest amount of season tickets sold during the C&S era was 12,000 seats, I highly doubt there was 18,000 walk-up average.

and before anyone ask for a source.

[url=] ... -the-field[/url]
“David, Keith Pelley and I all worked very hard and had a great deal of success bringing the Argos back from bankruptcy in ’03,? Sokolowski wrote in an email Thursday. “The team had fewer than 3,000 season tickets and we drove that to a peak of 12,000. We had similar success in corporate sponsorships. Having said that, I know I speak for Keith and David, when I say we only wish Chris and Senator Braley good luck in the future.?

If Bell and Tanabaum can bring the ST base close to 12K again they'll be more than in good shape in BMO with much less supply for the singles and walkups

oh i agree. just the other thread was so old now and time for a new fresh Argo ownership group

Rogers must be super pissed that Bell and LT went ahead with the Argo purchase. You have to know Rogers has guys like Shoalts et al. to bad talk this.

I don't think we've seen the end of this one, the bad blood between Rogers and Bell is going to get thicker until it gets even more ugly.

Rogers are controlling and narcissistic to a tee as a company.

As for the end of year before ownership officially changes hands likely has to do with getting all the details ironed out and start the new campaign wit all the facts correct.

BMO plans for phase 3 is something that has been talked about but i have not seen anything in the news. That will likely have to be done and make sure it is feasible to be ready for start of 2016 season. i am sure bell wants it to be ready but wanting to be sure so there is no chaos. as we saw with other stadiums that had no room for error in the time line.

Bell as well has a big stake in MLS not just TFC. With also a stake in other National or international matches that may come through BMO. Unlike Rogers they are looking for both teams and leagues to succeed.

Rogers quietly seems to be unsupportive of TFC as well as they too are in competition for fan base in summer with Jays. I say this with most of their portion of TFC Broadcasts on SN360. There interest seems to lie more with BMO field and the high profile international events it may bring as well as a Leafs winter classic.