Argos offer contract to Kenton Keith

I just read in the Montreal Gazette,, that the Argos have offered Kenton Keith a contract of $160,000.00 plus $40,000.00 bonus.
What about the salary cap?
I realize that Bishop is no longer on their payroll however I do not think Bishop received that kind of money from the Argos.
Will the CFL do anything about the Argos ignoring the salary cap? I highly doubt it.

After today's fiasco and so far this year, we need a QB more then a RB.
Joseph is done, I want Bishop back.

Joseph isn't getting any protection and has no running game to take the pressure off of him. Argos need an Oline coach and some olinesmen.

Having a running game is one of three problems fixed.

Hfx, you are correct about the O line. However by en large this was the same O line from last year when Bishop was 11-1.
Have you seen Joseph so far this year, he is slow, no longer fleet on foot and inconsistent at best with his throwing.
Definitely not the same guy as last year.

Normally I'd be all over this and dead set against it...but with the way the Cats are playing, I've been wanting them to do the same thing...sign who ever for what ever and pay the fines at the end of the season.

Sign Kai Ellis or sign something to improve the team and maybe get some veteran presence.

I am amazed that 2 years in to salary management, people still come on here claiming there is a salary cap in the CFL.


It's called cash under the table, or personal services side contract via the owner(ship) personal business.

I think those loopholes were closed and that's why Wettenhall and Braley complained so publicly last year. Let's face it, if such loopholes still existed, no teams would exceed the cap but two did last year and were fined accordingly.

It isn't how much money the team spends anyway. CP is the highest paid player in the league and is playing like a bare-minimum rookie. It's more about how the money is spent, identifying useful players with good upside who fit your program. For the most part, CFL rosters aren't build by outbidding other teams. That's where the Cats are so weak--GM, scouting and coaching.

An Argo-Cat fan

Here’s an update:

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Wow...Someone laid down the law in that org....I wonder who?

He also has the accuracy of a drunk Tim Rosenbaugh.

It's amazing how many throws he misses each game, even last year.

Also give it a rest with the paranoid Argo theories, they released Bishop and Steinour, both their salaries add up to at least 160k.

the argos were better off when they had young hungry workhorse backs like drummond and jenkins, now they go after over-rated backs that are only in canada for a quick paycheck

I think you could put a 2 in front of that 160k. Bishop was reported to be making around 150,000 and Steiner around 95,000.
Buy I would rather see Dawson and Durie as RB's and bring in some import OL's.

Then sign Jesse in the off season to make it an all Canadian back field. :wink:

I don’t think the Argo’s offense is any worse than last year, the major difference is the defense is awful this year and Stubler doesn’t appear at this point to be a very good head coach.