argos off season options seem to be diminishing

mike oshea stayed w/ bombers
corallos just re-signed w/ bombers
arbuckle likely headed to nfl
please dont saddle argos fans w/ macbeth [that is if u want to sell more tickets]
2 yr ago - 4-14 record
last yr 4-14 record …
oye vey - i would rather see prukop start - hey maybe argos should sign brandon bridge

and medeiros appears to only be worried about himself

Things are pretty quiet on the Argo front. Prukop, O’Conner and Rourke may be the best option left, because according to some Argo fans MBT is so good the NFL will probably come calling. oye vey

if the nfl needs more ball boys, then macbeth would fit right in … oye vey
probably medeiros too

only as far as QB’s
we’ve been making ALOT of moves on defence. looking way more dedicated to upgrading so far

also i think argos need to replace medeiros

Replacing their seldom used backup place kicker is a top priority.

he seems selfish to me in his emails to me
it seems that kind of attitude would be cancerous to the team and would not help sell tickets

i would like to see #70 harellajuh as kicker for he can punt, kick and is cdn but it looks like he is going try the nfl
lets not forget that argos did have very good kicker medlock… why did he leave is still a mystery to me …