"Argos" of the West

Nope, nothing to do with the Fort McMurray Game.

If you picked one western team that you begrudged just as much as the Argos, who, and why would you chose them?

Hands down, I'd vote SSK, because of how they are so hyped up and endeared to by the media. It seems they often get the same celebrity treatment that T.O. gets. Especially when the term "Canada's team" is thrown around.

I agree. I hate the Riders and Argos the same!!! :cowboy:

The fun of a 9 team league is that you come to really hate every other team after a few decades.

I third the Riders. Everybody hates the Riders. Remember 7 or 8 years ago, people would say that the Riders were everyone's 2nd favourite team? Well back then they were the lovable losers. They started winning (occasionally) and suddenly their support wasn't so cute any more, made worse by the fact that I don't think a lot of them have realized it even today. (I remember Dutchyshen using the 2nd favourite team line during the 2013 Grey Cup, ugh!)

A close second though is the Bombers. The Bombers are unique in that they've played plenty of time in both the East and West and have built rivalries with pretty much everybody. Plus it seems like every year they jump out to a great start, compiling 6 or 7 wins by Labour Day, start talking smack, and then fall apart and miss the playoffs. I love it.

I have to go with the Riders as the only Western team that I really dislike! :twisted: Unfortunately my dislike has more to do with their obnoxious fans who think that the CFL begins and ends in Regina and are happy to dub the green and white "Canada's team" and "better than the rest". Nothing wrong with being confidant and passionate about their team, but some of them declare loudly that they will win the Grey Cup EVERY YEAR regardless of the talent on the team. Taman of course is the BEST GM and Chamblin (a mediocre coach to failure in Hamilton) is the BEST coach! :roll: I could go on but I'm sure it wouldn't be news to other fans! I will say that there are a FEW reasonable Rider fans and I have met a couple who were really nice, but too many of the "melonheads" make other fans dislike their team! :thdn: :thdn:

Sorry guys...

My 2nd favourite team is Saskatchewan...

For me it's a toss up between Edmonton and Winnipeg...I just got sick of the Eskimos winning all those Grey Cups back in the '70's and '80's...But I probably dislike Winnipeg more now simply because I always have thought they were a dirty team under Cal Murphy,they had some really obnoxious players in the '90's,and,their fans are total twits most of the time...

After I think about it for a bit...Mosquito Excitment wins...I really dislike the Bummers and enjoy watching them twist in the wind...

I have the same list. Both teams equally arrogant and abusive of the rules.

Forgive me if you've read this before...

A number of years ago - the one win season (BBY - before Bob Young) I had, through Football Niagara (thank you Wally Barrow (no relation to big John)), the job of handing out the pre-game programmes to fans as they entered the stadium. In exchange I had my choice of the multitude of unoccupied seats once the game started. I would make up little lines to make it a more interesting job. For example I would say things like "Tonight is guaranteed win night. That's right, the Cats are guaranteeing someone will win". All in good fun with malice towards none. With the opposing team's fans I would say things like "Good luck tonight, but, not too much". Most visiting fans had a nice chuckle about Mike's wittiness. Then there was the Gang Green game. The response I received from one conceited "fan" was something like "We don't need luck". This put me off for the rest of the pre-game programme hand-outs.

Needless to say when we won (in OT) I really wished I had a chance to to meet up with this "fan" just to rub it in a little bit. Actually, upon reflection, if I had met him I would not have been a jerk about it, other than to say something like "What a bad luck game your team had". To really be obnoxious, (which under the circumstances would have been excellent karma towards him) would have been just as bad as the attitude he displayed.

The lesson I learned that night? Always be gracious in both victory and defeat. To do otherwise is just boorish undignified behaviour.

BTW this is why Gang Green are the blew team of the west to me.


I hate the riders.

Every internet poll or forum is dominated with their fans. It's like they sit in front of a computer waiting to jump on anything Roughriders.

I suppose its hate out of jealously though. They really are a passionate group.

The are no Argos of the west! Nobody is as bad as the Arholes! I hate every team that the Ti-Cats are playing but nobody comes close to my Hate for the Arholes!