Argos now pursuing Mo Lloyd?

CKNW (Vancouver radiot station) is reporting that maurice Lloyd has narrowed his choices down to 2 teams, Edmonton and Toronto with T.O being the front runner.

this is beginning to turn into a very bad day,

and how the hell do the argos have the cap space for this?

Look at the guys they lost to the NFL, the retirements of handsomely paid vets and the Argos are going to have room for a couple of major signings.

Even if the Argos get Lloyd, Picard and Murphy, they will still stink. 99% of their coaching staff has zero CFL experience, and it will show.

Damn. I was hoping the Cats would make a serious go at Maurice Lloyd. Does anyone know if Obie even made him an offer? We need an anchor in the linebacking corps. We have a couple of good ones, but we still don't have the leader of the pack. Maybe it's just me. I haven't been satisfied with any MLB we've had since Tig. Well wait, there was ONE guy...nah forget it, I won't bring that issue up again.

Lloyd just signed with the Esks:

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I believe that teams who over emphasize the importance of signing FA's are compensating for their deficiencies in scouting.

Thanks for posting that.

Maybe it shouldn't be too surprising that Lloyd didn't go to the blue team, as they re-signed Pile. The Pile signing must have taken up some cap space. (Why is it only now that Pile was re-signed?) But they likely still have some cap space to work with. Who will they try to sign next? What will be their highest priority?

Good point. :slight_smile:

8) Are you suggesting that Edmonton has scouting defiencies !!!!! :roll:
  They have one of the best scouting programes in the CFL  !!!