argos now 2-11

doesnt seems to matter who is qb
franklin does have stronger arm and is more mobile - no idea what happened to him to dive up all those sacks

There are some talented players on the team and they have shown signs of life at times so one has to wonder about the effectiveness of coaching and creating a good player environment. Won’t be surprised if Chamblin is shown the door before the GC.

Step one has to be improving the blind side OT. Their OL in whole is not great. A more balanced running game might help as well, but they really need stronger play on the edge. They have an overall good team, but woes there, and O play calling needs to adapt.

i am worried that #87 will ask for a trade
and sj green isnt getting younger

cross has almost been invisible this this yr
tell me again why van zeyl was let go only to play 1st string in hamilton ?
dont tell it was to avoid a $40k bonus payment

i have no idea what argos will do for qb next yr - please do no more macbeth nor franklin

entire coaching staff needs to be fired and popp

The funny thing is, they’re still not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. If they win all their remaining games, and Edmonton loses all of theirs, they would both be 7-11 and the Argos would make it to the post-season.

But an Edmonton win or tie, or an Argo loss or tie, and they can start making their early vacation plans.

It’s going to happen, obviously, but it just hasn’t happened yet.

Same can be said for Ottawa.

Don’t worry about #87 asking for a trade…he signed a 1 year deal…he will leave in the off-season …don’t get me started about the release of CVZ…just plain dumb…look at our oline draft picks the last few years…then look at what other teams did with their oline picks. .

Now 2 and 12 .


I can see Lapolice coaching them next year and filling out his crew later .

As new GM you might see Pin Ball return and a up and comer as associate until ready to take over completely . There is always someone that has some leadership moxie and organizational skills that one can only see when given the light .

Pin Ball a modest hyper- positive man can shine that light on someone else like no other .

Just my idle speculation as I see Clemons more involved . The mans the best ambassador they ever had and could calm the tide and give the team some of that polished respect he has in the community .

I can see Lapo and Pin Ball fixing a few leaks and getting the team fight ready again and finding a new organizational chain that is sustainable for the future .

I have been saying that for the past several weeks.
Since the coaching staff will not be back and also Popp, may as well showcase our Canadian QB, O’Connor the kid for the team next year.
We know the cupboard is bare otherwise with the useless QB’s.
As for the manangement side, since the Pinball has been very visible the last few weeks and there have been rumours, he would be my President.
Bring back Eric Tillman from the prospective Halifax team as that is rumoured and then have either O’Shea or Lapolice as the head coach.Either would be fine with me.
The team should make every effort to go after Masoli as a FA at year end.

Well on the bright side they are guaranteed to double that win total, with two more games against the ORBs.

In what way is Clemons the best ambassador. What has he done? I’m certainly in the minority ( may be the only one) but I find him to be all show and talk. Way too much of that in Argo land imo.

If they fire the coaching staff they have severely hampered the cap. Their problem was just a HUGE mistake to start with. Chamblin? Really? After his meltdown in Sask and then walking away in TO as a DC?And a very lazy GM with a name who was clearly a poor and expensive name a decade past his prime. And now Clemons prowling around the sideline dressed like a goofball endorsed by Manning, their president.


Like Khari inMontreal he is one of those guys who peoplerespond to around him . Clemons coaching days are done but knows his way around a room to take over as GM where relationships are key .

Not sure he would even accept the responsibility now as GM .

Popular is a understatement maybe not as big as before but one of those guys who inspires others is underestimated time and time again .

On the field and off the field success .

First black coach to win Grey Cup second winningest coach all time for the Argos .

Clemons is involved with many charities and organizations . He is very well respected in the community at large .

I would say not today but at one time the guy could have ran for mayor and win .

Another guy I would throw in the mix as a maybe a qb coach or adding his insight as quality control guy would be Ricky Ray .

Absolutely, there was a window where he could have been mayor. I remember seeing him after a concert on a busy street, and saying to him “Clemons for Mayor?. His response was humble, he laughed, and he spent a good 10 minutes speaking about life in general?.

The man is awesome.

Popp fired. Details at 11

Serves Popp right. He stabbed Trestman in the back – Trestman, the guy (apart from Don Matthews) most responsible for any success Popp ever had as a GM, only one year out from a Grey Cup win. Then he hired the no-talent hack Chamblin as a CYA move. You reap what you sow, Jim. Your day in this league is done.