Argos not playing exhibition game at BMO Field

Announced it was not on the radar at this time.

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Not a priority at this time. Doesn't mean at some point this could happen but whatever. A lot of things could change. I remember Paul Godfrey saying he wouldn't mind in one way the Argos leaving the RC so they could do some reno's that I guess couldn't be done with the Argo's playing there. But I'm sure lots of games being played here between the Rogers people and MLSE who owns BMO.

Actually the City of Toronto owns BMO Field.
MLSE is a tenant and operational manager.
I don't think there are games being played. I think it's more along the lines of the Argos politely saying we don't want to pay for the expansion - let the City do it. I think this will come up again next year when serious talk of expanding the stadium to 30k - 35k for TFC games.
At that point they can put in the movable seats to acommodate the length of the CFL field. The Argos would have to pay a little less for the renovation since it will happen any way - say for field modifications and seating changes to the plans.

alpha, I thought the expansion was looking at around 5,000 seats to get it to 25,000. Where did you hear 30-35?

The oficial stadium plan was origianlly built for an expansion to a shade over 30k in 3 phases. The first phase was to take place some time in 2009 or 2010 depending on need.
Each phase was an additional 5k but talk of the Argos moving there and a need for about 35k in capacity has changed the things somewhat.

Thanks, interesting.