Argos not interested in Pierce

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BC is going to cut Pierce in the next week. Barker says he's not interested, but that Toronto will bring in some sort of veteran presence to go with some promising rook QB's.

I think Pierce would make a better #2 in Winnipeg than LeFarce, if you are going to groom Jyles as starter.

But if you don't pick him up, I think Pierce may be done in the CFL.

There...fixed it for you. I think we'll probably pass on the Throwing Concussion...

What could Barker possibly have up his sleave ?

Some sort of trade involving all those draft picks they are hoarding ? Or is he crazy enough to sign some NFL cast off ?

The Argos should use all of their picks to rebuild. They could scoop up 3 or 4 blue-chip prospects if they stick to their guns.

Crazy enough at least to sign this guy...

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wasnt there a rumor going aroung that the argos wanted to give us some draft picks for Lefors? if so i wouldnt mind taking some draft picks if they actually brought in Pierce

If Barker gave the Bombers any draft pick for LeFarce (even a sixth rounder), he should be fired immediately for gross incompetence.

Maybe Brett Farve is coming to Toronto. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Can you say Vince Faragamo all over again? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

if pierce was willing to come in for a low base salary like 100,000/yr + incentives for playing time and stuff, then id bring him in but i get the feeling he wont do that.

I like pierce i do, but im not sure if he has the durability anymore.. concusions are not a good thing, plus he has a shoulder injury i beleive which has been bothering him for some time also, I dunno... i was scared last year watching pierce play because, MAAN u just dontkno'w if the guys gonna get back up after getting hit.. id rather he not die playing so i think its best buck hangs em up.

I agree, Pierce should hang 'em up for his own good. It's time.

So...Bishop is gone for reasons we all know and (mostly) agree with, and Joseph isn't likely coming to the Peg (I still can't forget that in the biggest game of his career, he was almost outgunned by Ryan Dinwiddie). I think we can have more faith in our HC and OC this year than last, so yeah, barring any miracle signing where a Chuck Ealey comes out of nowhere, let's give the young guys a chance to fight it out in TC and see if we have a diamond in the rough.

......Can you say Jim Van Pelt...... :thup: Many moons ago, and a lot of the guys on here probably won't remember...but i and Mr. Ploen know it can happen :wink:

Oh yes indeed...I just thought there were more people who would remember Ealey...but a new Van Pelt would be just the ticket. :thup:

I'm pretty sure Alex has some time on his hands....

I totally agree. The Argos are set to have a great draft & Barker has stated the #1 overall pick is safe. As for who they will pickup to play qb, I am clueless.

The Argos, in recent years, have not shown any kind of willingness to build from within. Their approach to team-building has been: take shortcuts and sign NFL rejects. The same man who’s been in charge during these times is still GM (Rita). I don’t foresee anything changing as long as Rita’s at the helm.

is this similar to the ticats saying they dont have interest in glenn last year cuz everyone and their mothers knew he was gonna be released? why would a team say ya we're interested, knowing more than likely, he will be cut.