Argos new old coach Don Matthews

What was wrong with my thread a few days ago when i said bring him to H-town??...None the less Stubler for DC...cmon Obie...your on a roll right now....

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So that deal is done too. news conference Argos have Don Mathews as new head coach. Stubler is out.Time for Cats to make their biggest upgrade at defence.

This should be interesting, I always thought that the Don inherited some very strong teams in Ed and Mont that made him look like a genius we'll see how good he really is with the leaky Boatmen.

What He Said! :thup:

I don't think Stubler is the one to blame. The Argos are and have been over-rated for a couple of years. We'll see what the Don can do. I never did hear what the health issue was. His firing was Montreal was always a little strange and secret. A little surprised to see him resurface now.


Argos sign The Don - who do we sign as coach? Another experiment with no professional, if any, head coaching experience. What a joke.

I know it wont happen but wouldnt it be nice if Stubler joined on as a consultant to help our defence . He certainly knows what the Argos were looking at attacking our weaknesses .

You have to know that he would really like to knock the ARGOS out of any possibility of making the playoffs !!!!

For all you boneheads that said that the Don is done :lol:
The double Blue make a good move and we have a unproven wanna be to take our team to the promised land of the playoffs!

WELCOME BACK no nonsense MR DON maybe just maybe Obie can get Dave Ritchie next year thanks for all the GREAT MOVES THE LAST TWO DAYS Obie,Mitchell and the Caretaker :thup: :thup: :thup:

We can't control that, we don't play them again this year.

I hope Stubs is still DC