argos new bbm channel

For those who have bbm and make use of the channels feature;

Argos have a new BBM channel!
Follow the latest developments on BMO Field, ownership, and other topics not discussed on their Facebook page. Add pin :C004B691E

That is cool

The Als mobile app is not even available on Blackberry

Canadians should be supporting Canadians

cool idea, how active is it? Might be worth getting BBM…

got bbm, the pin doesn't seem to do anything when i type it in as posted in add new contact...

ok this not being able to edit posts after a certain amount of time is getting annoying...

I found the argos bbm channel by searching (open channel tab, tap search icon, type Toronto Argonauts) for it since I couldn't figure out how to add it by the pin that was posted as if it was a new contact.

Thanks for the post drummer god.

No problem. Sorry you had such a hard time with the pin.
It seems you enter the pin in the same channel search field you used when searching for the argos channel by name.

Hopefully you're enjoying the different outlet for argo info.
There's a ticats one I follow, too.

Definitely a good place to find Argonauts information.

Your new owners in Toronto are going to turn that Franchise around , they know how to promote to the younger crowed. Hope our new owners here in BC are going to be the same way.

It's hard watching Braley run the lions into the ground without Ackles.

I find a lot of the apps (Sask & BC) ask for permissions. As soon as it asks for Shared Files, it's a sham...

I was surprised to see that TechnoBuffalo created a BBM channel. It will be interesting to see how they treat BlackBerry now.

What is technobuffalo?