ARGOS need to clean house

  1. Promote Pinball to some front office position.

2.Hire Danny barret as head coach and hire condell as offensive co-ordinator.

  1. Sign that big 6'7'' steve morley kid and start him at right tackle, keep williams at left tackle, move davis to right guard, move washburn to left guard and sign a new center, the o-line needs an extreme makeover.

4.Sign casey printers to a big contract but make it incentive based, sign him to a $150 K contract, but make it up too $400 k with incentives.

5.Allow damon to retire, and dont give him a big press conference, this guy is full of himself and walks around with a smug look on his face whenever he isnt geing hyped up by the media or receiving an award.

  1. Get rid of wynn and crouch, if your gonna keep crouch, keep him as a special teams player or a safety, this guy hasn't played QB since 2001, don't waste any more time on him when you can get a proven backup. Wynn is garbage so cut him next week.

6.Sign Rocky Butler to be a backup and allow him to compete with michael bishop to compete to be a top backup.

  1. Wear the white uniforms at home once in a while.

8.Cheaper Beer Prices at the Rogers Centre.

9.Hire roy Shivers to work as an assistant gm/scout, this guy is excellent at finding diamonds in the rough, and he is able to recruit kids from the south that would be afraid of moving their family to Canada.

  1. Get rid of keith Stokes, this team spent more than 100K on this midget and he was as effective as a 25 cent condom.

11.Allow mike o'shea to retire, he got his 1000 career tackles, but lets be serious, this guy isnt the cfl version of lawrence taylor or mike singletary, he is just an average player and is too old to keep up with the young guys and im sick of him confronting teammates on the sidelines, yet he screws up on the field many times.

12.RJ soward bye bye, your too soft, your a speedster that blows past nobody and you drop the ball more than a virgin on prom night.

  1. Switch to a 4-3 base defense to create better run defense and sign tim cheatwood from Hamilton and Clinton Wayne.

  2. Stop flirting to play in the new stadium at exhibition place, unless your willing to spend private funds and build your own place, the dog an pony show has gotta end.

15.Keep Bashir Levingston as kick returner and field goal returner, but move arland bruce to punt returner

  1. Sign a guy to be the full-time field goal kicker, prefontaine is a good punter and tackler, but the dude isnt a clutch kicker, he choked in kicks in the last regualr season game that would have clinched the east final game, and he choked tonight, he isnt getting enough heat from the media for being the goat. all your home games on friday nights.

  1. Last but not least, can you get rid of that in-stadium announcer.

Barrett, Condell, Butler, Shiver... in all, you want the Argos to be the Roughriders. Wouldn't it be simpler for you to just cheer for the Riders?

i just want a few of the riders players, just relax, i dont want the argos becoming riders-east. I just wanna see more aggressive passionate ballers in the t-dot.

...i think the Argos would take a look at the new salary management system for next year....before they started throwing all that cash around on signings, that you're suggesting iceman 184....good try though... :wink: :lol:

lets face it, the cfl management system aka "THE SALARY CAP" is bogus, its not ognna happen, the league doesnt even have a commissioner for next year yet, its a joke, they aint gonna enforce, and even if you go over the cap whats the cfl gonna do? ban frank d'angelo from advertising at your stadium? LOL, the cfl is softer than a cupcake, they aint gonna scare any franchise. The Argos are in the biggest market, the cfl will let them go over the cap as much they want.

5.Allow damon to retire, and dont give him a big press conference, this guy is full of himself and walks around with a smug look on his face whenever he isnt geing hyped up by the media or receiving an award.
man I can't belive I'm reading this have you watched the cfl for the past 20 years? I have he has lost a step or two and he was a hell of a player you don't get to where hi numbers are by being a chump. He doesn't seek out the media it is the media that seeks him. How many people showed up at the dome before he got there? Didn't he win the cup wiyh them?

I Agree With You On 5, 7, 8, & 12, But The Rest Of It's A Bit Ifie. It'd Be Nice To Let Allen Retire And Try To Bring Up Some Of Their Backups. I Thought Crouch Has Done Fine So Far This Year, Wynns Not A Bad Backup. As For Prefontain Of Field Goals It's Really Nice To Have A Kicker Who Can Tackle On The FG Team Because On Those Field Goal Returns The Only One Who Can Tackle Is Eiban As We Saw Tonight. As For Number 3 Your Right 100%, O-Line Is Crapping It Up But Dump Williams, He's Garbage. Davis And Washburn Can Stick Around But As For The Rest Of Them Dump em. The Run Game Is Going To Go Back To To Way It Was In '05 And '04 If Those Guys Stay. The Only Other Point I'll Touch On Is Number 13. I Really Miss The Day Of The 4-4 Defence, I Think Toronto Should Bring That Back Into The Defencive Sceam.

the argos need to stop being loyal to guys who dont produce and cut the many lazy veterans on the squad, the argos need to be more strict like wally buono. He cuts vets who didnt produce like lockett and warren, the bc lions are in first place for a reason, they let the best players play and show no loyalties, they just worry about getting the jobe done.

I kind of thought that you may be over-reacting a little (Ok, a lot). The Argos need to look at O'Shea and a kicker. The rest of their troubles seemed to be injury related, and the inability to get the running game working until later on. They played hard, made for an exciting game and could have won. Congrats on a good season. Oh, and Pinball's punt return against Winnipeg was a gas!

re: #2. You can't have Danny Barrett, he's coming to Ottawa for the '08 season!

Iceman184. Are you actually Roy Shivers with a different name? You sound bitter about something (this and other posts) and seem to be trying to make the Argos into the Riders"East" no matter what you say. I actually wouldn't mind some of your changes though as they would definitely improve the Riders.

PS. Bamboo please don't use a capital on every word, it detracts from what you are saying.