Argos need Rider nation

Rider fans
Us Argo fans need your help, and yes there are still lots of Argo fans left in T.O. You will see how many if and when we move to BMO stadium. No question, that moving the Argos to BMO, we will sell the place out at 25,000, add that to the strong Argo TV ratings and this could really turn the Argos in the right direction. However we have a problem. A number of media reports have noted that Rogers is trying to stop the deal of both moving to BMO and MLSE owning the team. If you agree that a Canadian company such as Rogers should be helping a Canadian institution like the CFL and not be sabotaging it, then please email Rogers at the below email, many thanks
Kevin Spafford
Senior Manager, Public Affairs
Rogers Communications Inc.

Got any links to this conspiracy theory? Google shows nothing of a sort.
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OK, from the articles you post it seems the deal is expected to push through anyways. It's no secret that Rogers has been trying to thwart the efforts to make the CFL dive after their failed low ball bid attempt.

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I live in T.O and there is a lot of talk about how Rogers have been screwing the Argos for years. There is a lot going on behind the sceen right now and the deadline is fast approching. 4 days left. Rumour has it that Rogers as now pushed Larry Tannenbaum so far that he is looking at walking now. We will soon see

While Rogers being a subastancial share holder in MLSE could make things difficult for them to add the CFL phase. There is really nothing they can do about TSN and LT purchasing the Argo's outside the MLSE structure. Rogers owns Skydome and the Jays and sportnet so they can do what they like there.
To me Rogers is just plain dumb or stubborn not to want to be involved at this point with a Toronto based CFL franchise. That will now get full Bell media assets to promote the Argo's specifically within the the Toronto area.
At the time of the Rogers Jays Skydome purchase and the MLSE basically choosing the MLS and TFC over the Argo's in managing BMO was understandable. CFL was stuggling in he East in particular. NFLE then NFL Practice Rosters were drawing players away from the CFL and Arena Football League was getting NFL and Network backing.
That has all since changed very quickly. MLSE/LT now see the value for obvious reason's.
Between Rogers, Bell, and MLSE and all of their big time corporate backers. They could likely build the Argo's their own stadium at the minimal CFL 150 million. Whether in Toronto or out in the burbs is up for debate.
The CFL, Esks, and Argo's really have gained a powerful corporate multi billion dollar alli who is the backer behind the 120 plus million Fort Mac Project and bringing the CFL and other events to the new venue. Who happens to have a second corporate office either in Toronto or one of the burbs where many move to out of Toronto.
Rogers could be in, offer up their enclosed venue for Grey Cups for practically nothing.
7 million people plus in GTA add on nearby K-W region and rival with Hamilton and the one million plus population in the Hamilton area.
There is plenty of room and people to support 3 of the big 4 sports, CFL and MLS, MLSEs two minor league teams and all of the Junior Hockey.
CFL is cost effecient and profitable now with teams Community owned, part of an S&E group, or a partenrship with City, Corptorate sponsor, and other sports groups.