argos need a win in ssk on july 1

a win is required so fans can just chalk up the bad week 1 loss to a fluke

i still bleed double blue if u cut me

LMAO !!! A fluke ?? When a team gets destroyed by 50 points believe me it’s no fluke . It’s the sign of a poorly coached , poorly managed , poorly run organisation . Sorry by the way that you bleed double blue . It’s kinda funny though because when I cut myself I bleed Black “n” Gold . ;D :stuck_out_tongue:

Good Luck in Melonville on Monday but I honestly don’t like yer chances to be honest with you .

i had suggested that players get 6 days following that beat down - then if argos lose by less than 50 v ssk, coaches will have proven their uselessness , they can fire most of coaching staff and mgmt keeping medical/rehab personnel -
decrease tix prices w/ savings
let players call plays on field

losing by 50 - home opener and on ricky ray day is just inexcusable
oh and trade away franklin and macbeth - both are useless

Of course I’m cheering for th riders in their home opener but folks seem to have very short memories … EVERY team craps the bed at least one game a year. Toronto did it in grand style but anyone marking games with them as a gimmie would be foolish.

Very short memories indeed . Rider fans above all else should know this as it happened to them as recently as just last year . Very eerily similar circumstances to what happened to the Argos this year.

Flashback :

The Montreal Alouettes have their home opener of the season vs the Bombers and get hammered by a 56-10 final score . Their next game is against the Riders in Saskatchewan and virtually nobody gives them a hope in Hell chance at winning in Mosaic after losing at home by 46 pts . Final score though in that game ? Alouettes 23 Roughriders 17 . So as you can see stranger things and big turnarounds and upsets can and sometimes do happen . Now I’m not saying that it will happen here . I honestly don’t think that lightning will strike twice in Mosaic this year BUT if the Riders take the Argos lightly like they did the Als last year ? They could very easily be looking at an 0-3 start to this season . :o

blame all green rider problems on brandon bridge … lol

WHAT? Either he, nor anyone else on this thread, even mentioned BB … you really are obsessed

It’s like having SeaFiddle back around again :slight_smile:

u really dont any sense of humour - u didnt see the ‘lol’ at the end of my post or just think i am a communist too ?

oye vey

I am a die hard Argo fan, but a CFL fan first . Yes Argos need a win, but my guy Cody Fajardo former Argo needs a win. Sask loses they are 0-3, if Argos lose only 0-2, so I am going with Sask as long as Cody is the guy in there. It`s sometimes tough being a CFL first fan, you have to always root for the currently hapless ALS, especially because the League is running them

I didn’t know that was a “thing,” to be a CFL fan first. But I guess that describes me. I’m very pro-CFL, and actually have several teams I root for (now that Ed Hervey has crashed the BC bus for me).

So I’m with you, CFLguys. I’m a CFL fan first.

Elimimion still out

from i readElimimionis a game time decision

Why is the game at 11pm

7 pm et
argos @ green riders

Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 20.46.15.png

The rider fan seems to have bigger … hair ?

An old military song of the engineers talk about only the sappers identifying that lady Godiva road a horse ?