Argos name Damon the Starter, and Bench Avery for 2nd year .

The Toronto Argonuats have named their starting offensive backfield.

Sources tell TSN that the team has named Damon Allen the starting quarterback for Thursday's season opener against the B.C. Lions on Thursday.

Running back John Avery has been placed on the 4-man reserve, making Jamel White the starter.

Allen, the league's all-time passing leader who is in his 23rd season was 10-for-17 for 112 yards in last Thursday's exhibition game against the Alouettes.

After netting 1338 all-purpose yards in his first season with the Argonauts in 2004, Avery's numbers and playing time decreased in next two seasons as the 31-year old battled injuries.

In 2006, the Argonuats signed Ricky Williams who was suspended from the NFL to be their primary ball carrier and Avery only made his season debut in Week 8.

White played in 77 games in the NFL from 2000-2005, mostly with the Cleveland Browns, where he was a regular contributor from 2001-2003.

White averaged 3.7 yards per carry for his NFL career and had nine rushing touchdowns.

Looks like they have no desire to win it all this year!

I think they are making a mistake starting Allen.

same here.

Seriously, unless they pull him after the first quarter. They really need to go with the young guys and use Allen as a mentor. Besides, he really has nothing left to prove.

i think they are putting allen in cuz they expect him to crash and burn in game 1 against the lions.

then they can justify him not getting the start for awhile.

Not a great move IMO. They need to be looking at the future, not the past.

I agree , not a good move by the Argos. Allen is getting the start out of respect, but I think he will be pulled quickly if he has couple of two and outs.

BIG, BIG mistake.
I can't believe the team would do this again this year.

Pinball is all teeth no brains. Allen is done as a starter and why dosen't he release Avery and let the guy try to get a shot somewhere's else or move on with his life?

Pinner :roll:

I just love this thread. :thup: :rockin:

We'll take Bishop off their hands then...

Ditto. :thup: :rockin:

If I was an agros fan Id be furious. McMahon has been easily the best QB at training camp and in exhibition games and has earned the right to start. Starting Allen is based purely on loyalty and nothing on recent performance.

All that would be if I was an argos fan but if they wanna keep going with allen thats great because Im an als fan and one less conteding team in the east is great

Watch for Avery to be dealt back to the Esks for............???????

Ricky Ray!.. :lol: :lol: :lol:

I smell Politics in this decison

Couldn't have said it better. Use Allen as a locker room guy. Let McMahon start.